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Season 10 - Episode 3: "Supergirl"



Reviewed by: Douglas Trumble

Super Short Summary: Darkseid mind-whammys an anti-Super talk show host who tries to stir up trouble for our boy in red and blue until Kara Zor-El shows up with a timely save that takes the heat off of Clark and allows a story to unfold that involves Lois changing into an interesting costume reminiscent of one of Peter Parker's gal pals.

Okay was it just me or did this episode feel out of place, out of order, or even maybe just sort of forced in there?

I know it was shown in the right order. I mean they did have Lois returning from Africa and there was at least a mention of Cat Grant... Yet... Was I wrong when I thought at the end of last episode Clark decided to come out of the shadows and start being more visible?

Wasn't that the point of the costume change? They didn't even have him in the new costume once this episode. Kara had a couple of them (both which I liked very much but that is beyond the point I am making) yet Clark had none.

So last week the theme was come out and this week it was stay in because it's not safe out there?

I don't know. It just didn't seem to fit timing wise. Maybe if this story had been told before last week's or at the very least if Clark's costume change came AFTER all these things would have flown better.

Plus as much as I like Kara on Smallville I felt they just sort of tossed her in here to get one last moment with her before the end. Not that anything was outright bad about them bringing her back one more time but now what? The timing was bad because it was a bit too soon in Clark's 'coming out' (for lack of better term) and it's going to be a reach trying to explain where she is for the rest of the season. Maybe they will bring her back again... I don't know, but we know Darkseid is out there messing with people's heads and Kara has the only proven device to block his mind attack. When the final throwdown comes how are they going to explain that someone who can cross the globe in seconds isn't there? I'll take this comment back if she returns for another episode, but if this is the last we see of Kara Zor-El then count me a little disappointed. I do believe Laura Vandervoort has another show she is on now so I am sure scheduling another episode with her could be problematic.

Still with that said, don't let me make you think I thought the episode was terrible. Bad timing and some questionable story wrap-up, sure, but there was some things here worth watching.

First I thought it was fantastic how Tom Welling played Clark's unspoken joy at seeing Lois' return. Really makes the romance feel real and I am glad to see that in any episode.

I loved the Supergirl costumes. The initial one was a bit more classic sure but even her second costume with the pants and Jacket was pretty cool. Reminded me a bit of Cassie Sandsmark's Wondergirl costume from the comics. The blue Leather even matched Clark's new look a bit more than the classic look she first arrived in. It's just a pity we didn't seem them both in costume together. That would have been a cool screen shot to have.

Lois' Black Cat/Felicia Hardy-looking bondage outfit was amusing. I admit I was rolling my eyes a bit as soon as I saw the club because I just knew they were going to be putting Erica Durance into something tight. They didn't disappoint but I do have to give them points for going with something that wasn't too revealing (cleavage aside). Plus the out-of-nowhere homage to a Spider-Man character is worth at least a smirk and a nod.

I liked that Clark stood up for himself and his desire to keep a secret identity with Kara. He was kind and glad to see her but rightly ticked that she almost outed him by showing up how she did. Maybe not to the world, but anyone who knows her and Clark are cousins would be asking questions if they didn't already know. If Lex hadn't known already he certainly would now.

Oliver having the press conference to announce he is the Green Arrow was an interesting step. It makes sense looking at it from his character's point of view. I am certainly glad to see he's not taking Chloe's vacation lying down. The only down side is if he was going to do it maybe he could have let Lois have the exclusive? Maybe that would complicate things but it might help cover her when/if people start bugging her for Superman's identity. She could have pointed back and said, "See. Look. I'd print it if I knew it."

Just a thought I had and I'm a bit disappointed he didn't do that for her.

I loved seeing Clark trying to fly. We need to see more of that. He absolutely should be trying to figure it out. It's okay for him to fall a few times you know. It was also okay that Kara was showing him because I think overall the episode did a good job showing that Clark was the top dog in the superhero department. More on that below.

I really like how they are building up to show that Jor-El-bot's "concern" about Clark is just hogwash. This was really shown well in Kara's surprise to find out Clark not only had a command center but was working with an entire team of heroes. I don't think either Kara or the Jor-El-Bot were expecting that he was so keyed into things. He certainly wasn't this bitter angry kid sulking on the farm, in risk of being controlled by Darkseid, she expected to find.

I am actually glad Jor-El-Bot disowned Clark. Maybe it was out of concern for his safety but I think this way it will be all the sweeter when Clark steps up on his own to smack Darkseid down this way. It also makes Jonathan Kent's visit from above a bit more powerful. Where Jor-El-Bot takes the cutoff and cut out to protect route, Pa Kent takes the loving father to prop up and inspire route. NICE! I also actually like the fact Clark didn't bother going into with Kara how he stopped Zod-clone and an army of Kryptonians from taking over the Earth. It is good he did not feel the need to brag.

I think the whole point is being missed by Kara and Jor-El-Bot (hopefully). I think we see that when Godfrey claimed Lois to be "pure". Look we all know Lois is anything but "pure" and I am not talking about in a virginal way either. She can be an angry spitfire like no one's business but the thing about Lois is she knows it, accepts it, and in some cases uses it. I seriously think (and hope) that is the point they are going for here. Kara is kidding herself if she believes she is in no danger of a takeover. In fact I like to think if she hadn't done her Wonder Woman impersonation with the bracelet she'd be doing the X-Files black eye thingy right now too. Clark is in danger now but once Clark accepts his human failings as part of him then we will see something special. Superman can love, hate, be angry, and whatever emotion you want. It's how he deals with those feelings that matter and hopefully they can showcase that moving forward from here. I like the set up so far on that point.

It certainly continues to point to what Doctor Fate said about Lois being the key to making Clark Superman. Not just because she is the one getting Clark and Kara to wear glasses during their off hours but her example of how to be human and still be "pure" may just inspire Clark in the end. (Do really like the idea that the glasses disguise is coming from her in this version. It's a nice touch.)

The WTF moment of the week goes to Kara and her totally being owned by Clark in the loft.

Kara: "You can't have the key to the Fortress... Bla Bla. You're not ready for it."

Clark: Simply takes the key from her not as fast as Superman's hand, "Give me that."

Paraphrased of course. Seriously Kara... What The Fudge? Even if you could have stopped him from just grabbing the key he could be there in like 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds by running... Not really a well thought out plan on your part was it?

I have to finish up by saying that this episode was chalked full of humor and that is always fun to see. Kara's naivety about the bondage club, Clark's "flight", Lois' responses to Godfrey's comments about the Blur and Cat's desk decorations, (not to mention the chocolate and peanut butter thing) and even Clark's half-hearted cover of his cousin flying in front of Lois just to name a few.

Whatever other problems I might have had I was certainly entertained by plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

So... Overall a decent episode but some poor placement in the overall story causing some unnecessary contradictions and confusion and some factors felt a bit forced, so I am going to have to bring it down a bit. Still worth watching if for nothing else than the humor found throughout.

I am going with a 4 out of 5. Call it a 3.5 but a .5 bonus for all the laughing I did.

See you next week!



Reviewed by: Julian Finn

Note: Julian got married the week this episode aired, and therefore was unable to submit a review.

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