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Krypto The Superdog: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 7: Too Many Cooks!/Join the Club

Reviewed by: Felix Vasquez

Actors & Roles this episode:
Samuel Vincent - Krypto
Alberto Ghisi - Kevin
Nicole Oliver - Kevin's Mom
Brian Drummond - Streaky the Cat
Tabitha St. Germain - Andrea/Melanie

Too Many Cooks!

Story By: Len Uhley
Teleplay by: Rich Fogel
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

On the way to the planet Murky to claim some more Barkillium, the Dog Stars and Krypto find themselves in the middle of a near fatal meteor shower. In the midst of stopping the shower, Brainy is taken unconscious by some sleeping gas, and now the rest of the group begin to fight over who will run the ship. The circumstances of Brainy's unwanted nap makes for some hilarious events in which the Dog Stars lose sight of their goals and fight over who will be the leader. Fighting for the ship's controls, arguing back and forth all of which leads them into the bowels of a blowfish a la "The Empire Strikes Back," and Krypto once again proves to be the moral center preferring to help them learn how to combine their resources instead of fighting. And they learn being the leader isn't so easy, after all.

Join the Club

Written by: Julia Lewald
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

In another attempt to infiltrate Krypto's life, Snooky is painted red by Mechanikat and tries to join the Super Cat Fan Club with Streaky's nephew, and we get to learn many things about Snooky, particularly that he is a he. Don't ask why, but I naturally assumed Snooky (voiced by Nicole Bouma) was a girl. Moving on, walking in their shoes allows Snooky to understand what the fan club sees in Super Cat, and he discovers that Streaky is no second banana, and is indeed a true blue superhero equal to Krypto. Snooky unfortunately betrays the club, and in the final scene we learn something about him that adds a great new dimension to his character.

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