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Krypto The Superdog: Episode Reviews

Season 1 - Episode 12: Bat Hound's Bad Luck/Circus of the Dog Stars

Reviewed by: Felix Vasquez

Actors & Roles this episode:
Samuel Vincent - Krypto
Alberto Ghisi - Kevin
Nicole Oliver - Kevin's Mom
Brian Drummond - Streaky the Cat
Tabitha St. Germain - Andrea/Melanie

Bat Hound's Bad Luck

Written by: Ken Pontac
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

As Kevin and his family take off for dinner and Krypto sees them off happily, he finds his opportunity to finally be alone without any duties. He indulges in doing his usual activities, like rolling around in the front lawn's grass, but is disrupted when met by Bat Hound who walks into the yard frightened. Krypto greets him but is confused as Bat Hound walks in all slumped. Bat Hound explains how he stopped Isis, Catwoman's cat in a museum but ended up exposing himself to bad luck. He explains how he chased Isis all week, yet ran in to more bad luck when he was shot by water from a broken pipe, swinging in to catch her but instead being bundled in a flag. Worried by his bad luck, he asks Krypto to help in pursuing Isis and Krypto obliges. Krypto soon discovers it won't be so easy when Bat Hound launches a gas pellet at Isis, it reflects off her and crashes in to him. Krypto goes to tackle her, but he's immediately reflected and falls into the trash, and is then caught by a hook which crashes into a boat nearly sinking it. Krypto and Bat Hound decide to re-group and look up Isis' diamonds on the internet (How two dogs managed to look up information on the internet without thumbs or fingers is beyond me) and Bat Hound discovers Isis is wearing two ancient Egyptian diamonds that cause bad luck to whomever is near her and they need the second diamond to reflect the bad luck once and for all.

Krypto carefully attempts to capture her at the museum where she's attempting to steal the second diamond, but fails when he falls through a floor. Isis is distracted by this and Bat Hound, with the other diamond, reflects his bad luck off to her and finally captures her. I liked this episode because of Bat Hound and, despite many Superman fan's reservations about his appearance and yet another connection to the Batman lore which the WB somehow feels they need to provide to everything Superman incorporated, Bat Hound is appropriately funny and goofy from taking himself too seriously. With the fun we also get the first appearance of new villain Isis, Catwoman's ally and pet cat, and she's pretty well done here. What was a real treat was I noticed the guy who voices Bat Hound is Scott McNeil the voice of Wolverine in one of my favorite cartoons "X-Men: Evolution", which I am a hardcore fan of as well.

Circus of the Dog Stars

Written by: John Loy
Directed by: Scott Jeralds

Flying in space, Streaky and Krypto marvel at all the stars, accidentally stumblng upon a space circus where aliens are walking around and playing games. Streaky loves it, but Krypto immediately thinks something is not right when he's surprised to see Tusky Husky being the subject of a game having balloons thrown at his face. Krypto and Streaky watch the circus and are surprised to see that Krypto was right and the entire Dog Stars are the subject of the circus acts and wonders what they're doing performing tricks and doing stunts. Things get weirder when Krypto sees Hotdog working as a chef but Hotdog doesn't remember Krypto at all. Krypto discovers the Dog Stars have been possessed and are under the control of Snooky Wookums, and are being used as performers to make money under the control of special collars. Things get worse when Streaky is tricked by Snooky and is taken under her control as well. Krypto is trapped by the mind controlled Dog Stars and Streaky, and fights them all off, removing their collars and finally captures Snooky. This episode sees the guest appearance of two groups of supporting characters; the Dog Stars, who are good hero companions for Krypto and are pretty funny with their powers matching their breeds, and Snooky Wookums, who is always a good villain courtesy of Mekanikat, and she's at her most devious this time around.

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