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"Justice League Action" Episode Reviews

Justice League Action In conjunction with our "Justice League Action" Episode Guide, the Episode Reviews presented on these pages are designed to give you the Superman Homepage reviewer's opinion on each "Justice League Action" episode.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman lead a group of superheroes, the Justice League, into action in this animated series. The heroes must battle enemies that include space invaders and bizarre forces of magic as they try to defend Earth from the supervillains intent on destroying the planet. The heroes are up for any challenge as they embark on thrilling adventures. "Justice League Action" is part of the popular DC Universe of comic-book characters.

Featuring the return of Kevin Conroy as Batman, the Dark Knight will join with Superman and Wonder Woman and the rest of DC's iconic team of heroes in a series that promises to put the action back in heroics. Whether defending the Earth, facing invaders from space, or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge. Episodes will be eleven minutes in length, meaning that the action will be tightly-paced and exciting. And awesome!

Along with Conroy, Cartoon Network have announced that several other beloved DC Animated voice actors will be contributing to the series, including Mark Hamill as the Joker (!!!), James Woods as Lex Luthor, Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold and much more. Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!) will serve as executive producer with Butch Lukic (Justice League, Batman Beyond), Alan Burnett (Batman: The Animated Series) and Jim Krieg (Green Lantern: The Animated Series) serving as producers.

"Justice League Action" premiered in the USA on Friday, December 16, 2016 on Cartoon Network, before moving into its regular 7.30am Saturday time slot.


Many thanks to T.A. Ewart, Thomas Dreyfuss and Marc Lax for writing this season's "Justice League Action" reviews.

Season 1

  1. Shazam Slam - Part 1: "Classic Rock"
  2. Shazam Slam - Part 2: "Power Outage"
  3. Shazam Slam - Part 3: "Night of the Bat"
  4. Shazam Slam - Part 4: "Abate and Switch"
  5. Follow That Space Cab!
  6. Nuclear Family Values
  7. Zombie King
  8. Galaxy Jest
  9. Time Share
  10. Under a Red Sun
  11. Play Date
  12. Repulse!
  13. Trick or Threat
  14. Speed Demon
  15. Hat Trick
  16. Luthor in Paradise
  17. Plastic Man Saves the World
  18. Field Trip
  19. Rage of the Red Lanterns
  20. Freezer Burn
  21. Inside Job
  22. The Trouble with Truth
  23. Double Cross
  24. Battle for the Bottled City
  25. Garden of Evil
  26. All Aboard the Space Train
  27. Time Out
  28. The Fatal Fare
  29. Mxy's Mix-Up
  30. Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
  31. Booster's Gold
  32. Booray for Bizarro
  33. Best Day Ever
  34. The Cube Root
  35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
  36. Superman Red vs Superman Blue
  37. The Ringer
  38. Forget Me Not
  39. The Brain Buster
  40. E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
  41. Harley Goes Ape!
  42. Phased and Confused
  43. It'll Take a Miracle
  44. System Error
  45. Race Against Crime
  46. Party Animal
  47. Watchtower Tours
  48. Barehanded
  49. Captain Bamboozle
  50. Keeping Up with the Kryptonians
  51. Unleashed
  52. She Wore Red Velvet

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