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Season 4 - Episode 6: "Double Date"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

"Double Date" Gone Awry

"Double Date" had absolutely nothing to do with Superman and only a tangential relationship to the ongoing storyline. It's as if the JLU creators completely stopped what they were doing to hand over the writing chores - temporarily - to DCU writer Gail Simone. When they realized that Simone's story didn't mesh with the overall tone of the rest of the season's stories, they threw in a couple of vague references to Cadmus that were merely red herrings to initiate Question's involvement. Had I purchased this story in a $2.50 continuing comic book, I'd wonder where the JLU conspiracy arc went off to. No matter that it's an interesting story - this is filler.

On the SFMWNS, this episode earns a big nada, nothing, zippo. It has no relationship whatsoever to Superman's world or even the JLU's. It's a well-written story that, any other time would be a welcome morality tale. Just not now.

Now next week's episode sounds like a return to over-the-top business for the League. Lex Luthor. Captain Marvel. Superman. Holy Moley, that sounds like some good TV.

Onto business.

Tildon Wright writes in with concern about the future of JLU after episode "Epilogue". I agree with you, Tildon, that the name of the episode and its description seems to signal an end for the animated JLU. Given the show's high ratings and literal cast of scores, there's really no reason for this showcase show to ever end. But I've never understood Cartoon Network's programming decisions when it comes to the JLU. They air the show once a week with no opportunity to catch a repeat telecast. I've heard of limiting supply to generate demand but this is a bit ridiculous. No official word of cancellation of JLU has come down - nonetheless, it does feel like an end is in sight. While I don't know how to contact any of the writers of the show, Tildon, the CN website lists the following address for programming inquiries:

Cartoon Network
Attn: Programming Department
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Finally, not only did Evan Tarlton write in first with the name of the Demon from "The Balance", he went above and beyond the call of duty by offering the Demon's entire history, the names of said Demon's demon brothers, and how it all related back to Felix Faust and comic book continuity. Without further adieu, I turn the stage over to Sir Evan Tarlton:

"The demon in question was Abnegazar, one of the Demons Three. He and his two brothers, Rath and Ghast (the other two demons shown with him) are some of the League's first enemies. More to the point, they have a connection to Felix Faust. The plot of "Paradise Lost" was adapted from one of the first JLA stories, and made to serve as Diana's 'origin' tale. In the original comic-book version, Felix Faust attempted to free the Demons Three instead of Hades, and did so by making the League steal the Silver Wheel of Wyorlath, the Green Bell of Uthool, and the Red Jar of Calythos. The League foiled the plot, and earned four powerful enemies."

All hail Evan Tarlton! Peace and Tarlton out.

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