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Season 1 - Episodes 24-26: "The Savage Time"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

Hey Boys and Girls, What Time is it? It's "The Savage Time"

This is my last review. If you are reading this chronologically with all my other season one reviews, don't worry that you won't read my pearls of wit and wisdom into the next season and the three seasons of "JLU" to come. I've reviewed every episode of "JL" and "JLU" - "The Savage Time" just happens to be the last episode in season one left for me to review. I didn't start reviewing episodes regularly for the Superman Homepage until the second season began. I've been promising to go back and finish the first season reviews for some time and, to my credit, it's only taken me three years to actually finish reviewing all 26 episodes of season one.

Finally, the Justice League goes back in time to stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world. Savage, an immortal, sent his 1940's self a laptop computer and details on how to take over the world in the past by usurping control of the original Axis of evil, the Nazis, and literally putting Hitler on ice.

"The Savage Time" is the best arc of season one. Though it doesn't leave any dangling plot points for season two, it's definitely the beginning of a blueprint for change in the plotting of "JL" stories and choreographing of intricate fight scenes. For the first time since the show began, the animated DCU in which "JL" adventures takes place seems vast and unexplored. Just you wait - the fun's just started.

Peace out.

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