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Season 1 - Episodes 20-21: "A Knight of Shadows"

Reviewed by: Barry Freiman

Gone, gone the form of Superman. Arise the dud "A Knight of Shadows".

In 2002's "A Knight of Shadows", Etrigan the Demon teams up with the JL to stop sorceress Morgaine le Fay and her son, Mordred, from obtaining the mythic Philosopher's Stone. Yawn.

Oddly, Mordred never appeared in the comics as far as I know - however, the virtually identical Klarion the Witch Boy has. To add to the confusion, Etrigan previously had teamed up with Batman and Robin in the final incarnation of BTAS on the WB to defeat Klarion the Witch Boy. Things become genuinely convoluted when, in 2004's "Kid's Stuff" on JLU, the League takes on Mordred one more time in a story that's clearly based on a comic book storyline involving Klarion. Head hurt yet?

This is the first - and I hope only - story arc to earn zero speeding bullets on the Superman Fan Must Watch or Not Scale. This makes "A Knight of Shadows" the first storyline to rate a "Great Scott!" Yup, the JL's in trouble and Superman's nowhere to be found.

Magic: almost as annoying as time-travel.

Peace out.

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