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The Essential Smallville

The Essential SMALLVILLE

By Douglas Meacham (with contributions from Trentus Magnus)


Welcome to the Essential SMALLVILLE! This list is a compilation of what I believe are the must-see episodes of a show that is near and dear to my heart. It has been a large part of my young adult life. This list dates back, in rudimentary form, to as far as 2007, before the series ended. I rewatched the show last year to create this finalized list for posting on the Superman Homepage in time for the 15th anniversary of the show’s airing. It reduces the show to a little more than half the total episodes, and it’s my hope that it will serve as a good guided tour of the series for new watchers and a refresher for seasoned ones. As mentioned above, Trentus Magnus was very helpful in contributing his feedback and opinion on which episodes should be included. He covers the show in depth during every eight episode of his podcast “Trentus Magnus Punches Reality”. I highly recommend giving these episodes and the show in general a listen. I also invite feedback from you as well. You can e-mail me your opinions and viewing experiences at In the meantime, up, up, and away!




    P – Season Premiere

    F – Season Finale

   A – Ability Episode/1st Appearance

  – DC Character 1st Appearance/Episode

  – Superman/DC Franchise Alumni 1st Appearance

 * – Kryptonite 1st Appearance/Episode

 – Superman Mythology Episode

    – Smallville Mythology Episode

   p – Plot Episode



Season 1

P  – 1. Pilot

      Why it’s essential: Clark Kent comes to Earth in a meteor shower, meets Lex Luthor twelve years later, and learns about his alien heritage. Annette O’Toole (Lana Lang in Superman III) plays Martha Kent.

* – 2. Metamorphosis

      Why it’s essential: Clark discovers his weakness to meteor rocks (kryptonite). Lex meeting Lana Lang begins a dynamic relationship that will culminate in season 6. Lex shows how manipulative he can be when trying to fix Clark up with Lana.

A – 4. X-Ray

      Why it’s essential: Clark develops his X-ray vision. Lex is blackmailed by a journalist named Nixon, who will become important throughout this season and in the premiere of season 2.

p – 8. Jitters

      Why it’s essential: This episode serves as a good reintroduction to Lionel Luthor and highlights the contrast between the Kents’ and the Luthors’ family dynamics. A seed is dropped hinting at a past history between Jonathan and Lionel that’s revealed next season.

p – 9. Rogue

      Why it’s essential: Clark’s first trip to Metropolis results in his secret being exposed for the first time and exploited by a dirty cop from Lex’s past.

p – 12. Leech

      Why it’s essential: Clark loses his abilities for the first time and experiences being normal. Nixon provides Lex with evidence that gets him closer to learning Clark’s secret.

p – 14. Zero

      Why it’s essential: A ghost from Lex’s past returns to expose a dark secret.




p – 16. Stray

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets his first non-meteor infected person with an ability and experiences what it would’ve been like to have a brother. Chloe’s feelings for Clark are revealed, culminating in the season finale and serving as a plot thread for season 2. Lex reveals to Clark the tragedy of his brother Julian, which will become important in seasons 3 and 7. Lionel invites Lex back to Metropolis, his answer resulting in serious consequences in the season finale.

p – 20. Obscura

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Lex unearthing a piece of Clark’s ship.

F – 21. Tempest

      Why it’s essential: Tensions between Lex and his father reach their peak when Lionel tries to force Lex to leave Smallville. Nixon’s investigation into Clark leads him to Clark’s ship. Clark’s ship changes Martha in a way that’s revealed later next season.


Season 2

P – 1. Vortex

      Why it’s essential: After the Kents catch Nixon activating Clark’s ship, Jonathan and he get trapped during a tornado. Lex saves Lionel after the tornado hits the mansion, which handicaps Lionel and results in him becoming a major character this season.

A – 2. Heat

      Why it’s essential: Clark develops his heat vision. Lex gets married for the first time.

p – 3. Duplicity

      Why it’s essential: When Pete discovers Clark’s ship out in a field, Clark decides to tell his best friend the truth about himself.

 – 4. Red

      Why it’s essential: Clark’s first encounter with red kryptonite. After meeting Clark, Lionel’s suspicions of him begin which intensify in season 3, culminating in an uneasy father/son relationship in seasons 5-7.

 – 7. Lineage

      Why it’s essential: The connection between the Kents and the Luthors is explored. Lionel’s illegitimate son Lucas shows up later this season.

 – 10. Skinwalker

      Why it’s essential: Clark discovers the Kawatche caves, which have a strong connection to his heritage and will serve as a precursor to the Fortress of Solitude until season 5.

* – 12. Insurgence

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Maggie Sawyer (future captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and Superman’s friend) while trying to rescue his mother from a heist at LuthorCorp. The Daily Planet makes its first appearance, from whose rooftop Clark takes his first of many leaps to come.

p – 15. Prodigal

      Why it’s essential: Lex finds his half-brother Lucas in an effort to oust his father from LuthorCorp. Lionel reveals the true status of his handicap.

p – 16. Fever

      Why it’s essential: It is revealed what Clark’s ship did to Martha during the Season 1 finale. Lex’s girlfriend, Dr. Helen Bryce, takes a blood sample from Clark after he gets sick from kryptonite spores, which will factor into the end of this season and season 3.

 – 17. Rosetta

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Dr. Virgil Swann (played by Christopher Reeve) who reveals to him his Kryptonian origins, beginning a subplot that will culminate in the latter half of Season 7.

p – 22. Calling

      Why it’s essential: In part one of the season finale, Dr. Walden wakes up from his coma claiming that Clark Kent is an alien who will rule the world. Clark and Lana finally start dating.

F  – 23. Exodus

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets the voice of his father Jor-El (played by Terence Stamp; General Zod in the first two Superman films), beginning an uneasy relationship that will last the rest of the series. Lex gets married for the second time. Chloe accepts Lionel’s offer to investigate Clark, resulting in profound consequences for her next season.

Season 3

P – 1. Exile

      Why it’s essential: Clark is living wild in Metropolis while on red kryptonite and meets Morgan Edge (crime boss for Intergang in the comics). Lex’s exile on an island will result in psychotraumatic issues for him this season. Jonathan seeking Jor-El’s help to bring Clark home will lead to grave consequences in season 5.

p – 2. Phoenix

      Why it’s essential: In part two of the season premiere, Clark and Lex return to Smallville to deal with the fallout from recent events.

* – 5. Perry

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Perry White (future Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet) when he comes to Smallville in search of an alien tabloid story. Clark discovers his powers come from the sun when they fluctuate during a solar flare storm.

 – 6. Relic

      Why it’s essential: Clark learns about Jor-El’s time in Smallville and his connection to the Kent family. Lex learns about the mysterious death of his grandparents, a discovery that will culminate in the season finale.

p – 8. Shattered

      Why it’s essential: In this first part of a two-episode arc, Morgan Edge returns to help Lionel prevent Lex from exposing their murder of Lionel’s parents. Lex learns Clark’s secret.

p – 9. Asylum

      Why it’s essential: Lionel attempts to remove Lex’s recent memories.

A – 10. Whisper

      Why it’s essential: When Clark is temporarily blinded by kryptonite, he develops his super hearing. Lionel threatens Chloe after her refusal to further investigate Clark, which will culminate in the season finale.



p – 17. Legacy

      Why it’s essential: Lionel makes a deal with Dr. Swann over the mystery of the Kawatche caves. Clark learns from Dr. Swann about a message Jonathan received from Jor-El.

 – 19. Memoria

      Why it’s essential: Lex undergoes a procedure that brings back repressed memories from his childhood. Clark forcibly goes through the same experience while trying to save Lex.

p – 21. Forsaken

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Lionel being arrested after Chloe helps Lex obtain the evidence he needs. After being tortured about Clark’s secret, Pete leaves Smallville for good.

F – 22. Covenant

      Why it’s essential: A woman claiming to be Kara from Krypton entices Clark to fulfill his destiny. After being incarcerated, Lionel takes revenge on Lex and Chloe. Frustrated by Lex’s obsession with him, Clark ends their friendship.


Season 4

PA – 1. Crusade

      Why it’s essential: A reborn Clark meets Lois Lane. Clark flies for the first time while embarking on the quest Jor-El intended for him back in season 2. An assistant to Dr. Swann named Bridget Crosby (played by Margot Kidder; Lois Lane in the Superman films) gives Martha black kryptonite to bring Clark back.

 – 2. Gone

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Lois’s father General Sam Lane (played by Michael Ironside; the voice of Darkseid in Superman: The Animated Series). Lionel’s trial delivers a guilty verdict.

 – 5. Run

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Bart Allen aka Impulse and future Flash. Clark gives Lex another chance at friendship.


p – 6. Transference

      Why it’s essential: Lionel uses one of the Kryptonian stones to switch bodies with Clark, and is radically changed when they switch back.

 – 8. Spell

      Why it’s essential: Lana becomes possessed with the spirit of Countess Theroux and begins her quest to find the stones. Clark discovers his vulnerability to magic.

p – 11. Unsafe

      Why it’s essential: In this first part of a two-episode arc, a cured Alicia Baker (from Season 3) is released from Belle Reve and tricks Clark into wearing red kryptonite.

p – 12. Pariah

      Why it’s essential: Alicia reveals Clark’s secret to one of his close friends.

 – 15. Sacred

      Why it’s essential: Clark is encouraged by the late Dr. Swann and Jor-El to complete his quest to find the remaining Kryptonian stones.

 – 17. Onyx

      Why it’s essential: Lex reveals his future self when he accidentally exposes himself to black kryptonite and is split into a good and evil version. Lionel reverts back to his darker persona.

p – 21. Forever

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Clark’s last day of high school. Lex and Lionel are tortured by Jason and his mother into giving up one of the stones.

F – 22. Commencement

      Why it’s essential: Clark graduates from high school before a second meteor shower hits Smallville. Lionel goes through a major change once the stone he possesses is activated, impacting his relationship with Clark through season 7. Clark completes his quest to find the stones.



Season 5

P – 1. Arrival

      Why it’s essential: The Fortress of Solitude rises in the Arctic. The Disciples of Zod come to Earth, threatening to send Clark to the Phantom Zone and bringing with them a mysterious entity. Clark tells Chloe the whole truth about himself.

p – 2. Mortal

      Why it’s essential: Clark must use only his wits after losing his powers to help Lana and his parents against three fugitive meteor freaks. Clark and Lex officially end their friendship for the rest of the series.

p – 3. Hidden

      Why it’s essential: When Clark is mortally wounded, a possessed Lionel takes action. At the fortress, Jor-El gives Clark an ominous warning that will culminate mid-season.

 – 4. Aqua

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and Milton Fine (Brainiac). Lois falls for her first hero type.

 – 7. Splinter

      Why it’s essential: Clark’s first encounter with silver kryptonite. Fine reveals to Clark that he is Kryptonian.

 – 8. Solitude

      Why it’s essential: When Clark seeks Fine’s help after Martha becomes ill with a Kryptonian virus, Fine reveals details about Zod and shows his true nature.

 – 12. Reckoning

      Why it’s essential: In the 100th episode of the series, Jor-El’s ominous warning culminates in the death of someone close to Clark. This event becomes a major pivot point for Clark’s character arc, impacting him all the way to the series finale.

 – 15. Cyborg

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Victor Stone aka Cyborg. It is revealed that Lionel finally knows Clark’s secret.

p – 17. Void

      Why it’s essential: After being injected with a serum, Clark and Lex travel to the afterlife and receive warnings from their dead parents. Clark learns that Lionel knows his secret.

p – 21. Oracle

      Why it’s essential: In part one of the season finale, Fine returns to Smallville and injects Lex with a suspicious vaccine. Clark learns about Lionel’s involvement with Jonathan’s death and is almost tricked into killing him.

F – 22. Vessel

      Why it’s essential: Brainiac prepares Lex to be the vessel of Zod. Clark meets Zod after his phantom takes over Lex’s body. Zod sends Clark to the Phantom Zone.


Season 6

P – 1. Zod

      Why it’s essential: Clark’s first visit to the Phantom Zone results in him meeting Raya, Jor-El’s assistant. The Superman shield makes its first appearance. After her plane crashes in the Arctic, Martha meets Jor-El in the fortress. Clark and Zod face off for the first time. Clark meets Jimmy Olsen.

A – 2. Sneeze

      Why it’s essential: After getting a cold from being in the Phantom Zone, Clark develops his super breath. Lois begins her investigative reporting career. Oliver Queen arrives in Metropolis.

 – 4. Arrow

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Oliver Queen and learns he’s the Green Arrow.

p – 6. Fallout

      Why it’s essential: Clark reunites with Raya after she escapes the Phantom Zone to help Clark take down a phantom.

 – 11. Justice

      Why it’s essential: Clark joins Oliver’s prototype Justice League (consisting of Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Impulse) to take down one of Lex’s Project 33.1 labs.

* – 12. Labyrinth

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets the Martian Manhunter when he saves him from being possessed by a phantom.

 – 16. Promise

      Why it’s essential: The wedding of Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. Lana discovers Clark’s secret.

* – 18. Progeny

      Why it’s essential: Chloe’s mother, Moira Sullivan (played by Lynda Carter; Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the Wonder Woman TV series) is being used by Lex to control meteor freaks.

p – 21. Prototype

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Lex’s 33.1 experiments coming to fruition when an ex-Marine becomes a super soldier with meteor abilities.

F – 22. Phantom

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces the final phantom escapee who steals his DNA to become Bizarro. Clark tells Lana the whole truth about himself. Lana is apparently killed after leaving Lex. Chloe’s latent meteor power emerges when Lois is injured.


Season 7

P – 1. Bizarro

      Why it’s essential: Clark defeats Bizarro with the Martian Manhunter’s help. Lex is rescued by a mysterious woman.

* – 2. Kara

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets his cousin Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl after Lois stumbles across her spaceship. Lois begins her career at the Daily Planet.

 – 4. Cure

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against Dr. Curtis Knox (played by Dean Cain; Superman/Clark Kent in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), an immortal who’s dissecting meteor freaks after curing them.

 – 6. Lara

      Why it’s essential: While trying to rescue Kara in a government lab, Clark flashes back to when she, his mother Lara (played by Helen Slater; Supergirl/Linda Lee in the Supergirl film), and Zor-El were on Earth. Krypton and the city of Kandor are revealed for the first time in one of Kara’s memories.

 – 8. Blue

      Why it’s essential: Clark first encounters blue kryptonite after being tricked into releasing carbon copies of Lara and Zor-El.

 – 10. Persona

      Why it’s essential: Brainiac returns and joins Bizarro to take down Clark. Clark seeks help from a Kryptonian named Dax-Ur (played by Marc McClure; Jimmy Olsen in the Superman and Supergirl films).

* – 11. Siren

      Why it’s essential: When Oliver Queen returns to Metropolis, he and Clark meet Dinah Lance aka Black Canary. Lois learns Oliver is Green Arrow.

 – 14. Traveler

      Why it’s essential: In this first part of a three-episode arc, Dr. Swann’s daughter, Patricia Swann, comes to Metropolis to reveal to Lionel, Lex, and Clark her knowledge of the Veritas group: a secret society run by Dr. Swann consisting of the Luthors, Teagues, and Queens whose mission was to greet an intergalactic traveler once he came to Earth. This subplot is the culmination of plot threads from Seasons 2 and 4 and sheds more light on Lionel’s obsession with Clark during Season 3.

 – 15. Veritas

      Why it’s essential: Lex’s childhood memories reveal events involving the Veritas group leading up to the arrival of the Traveler. Lois and Jimmy team up for the first time on a story. Kara meets Brainiac, who forces her to do his bidding by controlling Lana.

 – 16. Descent

      Why it’s essential: Relentlessly seeking answers to the mysteries that have plagued him for the past seven years, Lex murders his father Lionel and completes his descent into darkness.


p – 18. Apocalypse

      Why it’s essential: Clark is given a vision by Jor-El of the Earth’s ultimate destruction without his presence. Clark returns to Krypton to stop Brainiac from killing him as a baby.

p – 19. Quest

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Lex discovering the device that can control the Traveler.

F – 20. Arctic

      Why it’s essential: Lex discovers the identity of the Traveler. Lana leaves Smallville. Clark and Lex face off in the Fortress of Solitude.


Season 8

P – 1. Odyssey

      Why it’s essential: Tess Mercer assumes control of LuthorCorp while searching for Lex. Oliver leads the Justice League in search of Clark. After losing his powers in the Arctic, Clark’s life is saved by the Martian Manhunter, who then is rendered powerless. Clark is hired to work at the Daily Planet.

 – 2. Plastique

      Why it’s essential: Clark’s first day at the Daily Planet results in him meeting Tess and Bette Sana Souci aka Plastique. Clark meets Davis Bloome, who carries a dark secret that will intertwine with his origins this season.

 – 3. Toxic

      Why it’s essential: The secret origin of Green Arrow and “When Ollie Met Tess”. Oliver learns that Lionel Luthor killed his parents.

 – 4. Instinct

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Maxima of Almerac when Tess inadvertently lures her to Earth with the fortress crystal.



* – 8. Bloodline

      Why it’s essential: Clark is reunited with Kara when he and Lois are sent to the Phantom Zone via the fortress crystal. After Faora’s (Zod’s wife) phantom escapes the zone and inhabits Lois, she reveals to Davis his true origins.

 – 10. Bride

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against Doomsday for the first time at Chloe’s wedding. Lana returns, beginning a subplot involving Lex’s takedown. Lois and Clark’s feelings for each other briefly surface for the first time.

 – 11. Legion

      Why it’s essential: Clark teams up with the Legion of Super-Heroes to defeat Brainiac for good after Chloe is reclaimed as a host.

p – 13. Power

      Why it’s essential: In this first part of a two-episode arc, the mystery surrounding Lana’s departure from Smallville last season is revealed. Clark’s dream comes true when Lana becomes his equal after donning Lex’s power suit.

 – 14. Requiem

      Why it’s essential: Winslow Schott aka the Toyman is hired by Lex to kill Oliver after he buys a controlling interest in LuthorCorp. Lex gets his final revenge against Lana and Clark before meeting his end by Oliver’s hand.

 – 17. Hex

      Why it’s essential: Clark and Oliver meet the magician Zatanna after Chloe’s wish turns her into Lois. Chloe officially joins the Justice League when Watchtower goes online.

 – 18. Eternal

      Why it’s essential: The secret origin of Davis Bloome is revealed. Clark and Davis become aware of each other’s destinies. Tess reveals to Clark that she knows his secret.

 – 21. Injustice

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Tess sending her Injustice League (consisting of Parasite, Neutron, Plastique, Mirror, and Livewire) to hunt down Davis for Clark.


F – 22. Doomsday

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against Doomsday in Metropolis with the Justice League’s help. Clark’s decision to split Davis from the monster results in grave consequences. The orb housing the civilization of Kandor releases a man bearing the crest of Zod.


Season 9

P – 1. Savior

      Why it’s essential: Clark finally begins his training with Jor-El in the fortress. Tess meets Major Zod and the Kandorians. Lois meets new Daily Planet recruit John Corben. A Kryptonian from the future gives Clark an ominous warning, setting the stage for the rest of the season.

* – 2. Metallo

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against Metallo when John Corben is mysteriously transformed after an accident.

 – 5. Roulette

      Why it’s essential: Oliver meets Victoria Sinclair aka Roulette after she is hired to put him through an elaborate game. Green Arrow returns.

 – 7. Kandor

      Why it’s essential: Events on Krypton are explored including the destruction of Kandor and the rivalry between Jor-El and Zod. Clark reveals his powers to Tess. Clark meets the clone of Jor-El.

p – 9. Pandora

      Why it’s essential: Lois’s trip to the future is revealed. Lois and Clark officially begin dating. Clark reveals himself to Zod and the Kandorians.

* – 11. Absolute Justice

      Why it’s essential: In this double episode, Suicide Squad recruit Icicle is dispatched by the head of Checkmate, Amanda Waller, to target members of the retired Justice Society of America. The Justice League and Watchtower team up with Society members Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Stargirl to save the rest of the team. Doctor Fate restores the Martian Manhunter’s powers.



 – 15. Escape

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against the spirit of Siohban McDougal aka the Silver Banshee. Tess learns of Zod’s newly acquired powers.

p – 16. Checkmate

      Why it’s essential: Tess learns that Oliver is Green Arrow, then goes AWOL after leaving Checkmate. A mysterious character named the Red Queen is introduced.

A – 17. Upgrade

      Why it’s essential: Metallo returns after saving Lois at one of Tess’s labs. Clark displays his Arctic Breath for the first time. While on red kryptonite, Clark confides in Zod and takes him to the fortress. Zod gives the Kandorians powers through his blood.

p – 20. Hostage

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the season finale, this episode shows Martha returning to Smallville with her boyfriend Perry White. Perry and Lois team up on a story involving the Book of Rao. The identity of the Red Queen is revealed.

F – 21. Salvation

      Why it’s essential: Clark dreams of his future self before receiving a certain “outfit” from Martha. Lois learns the identity of the Blur. Clark makes a grave sacrifice in order to finally deal with Zod and the Kandorians.


Season 10

P – 1. Lazarus

      Why it’s essential: Clark is warned by Jor-El and the spirit of Jonathan that a darkness is coming, setting the stage for the rest of the season. Darkseid makes his first appearance. The Superman outfit is revealed for the first time.

* – 3. Supergirl

      Why it’s essential: Kara returns to take on the darkness after Jor-El forsakes Clark. While possessed by the darkness, Gordan Godfrey (Smallville’s version of Glorious Godfrey of Apokolips) runs an anti-hero campaign. Oliver reveals to the world that he’s Green Arrow.


 – 4. Homecoming

      Why it’s essential: In the 200th episode of the series, Brainiac returns as Brainiac 5 from the future to inspire Clark to let go of his past and to not fear his future. Clark meets his future self and gets a glimpse at the man he will become.

 – 5. Isis

      Why it’s essential: Lois is possessed by the spirit of Isis (wife of Black Adam in the comics). Tess is inaugurated into Watchtower. Clark tells Lois he’s the Blur.

 – 8. Abandoned

      Why it’s essential: Clark and Tess track down Granny Goodness (of Apokolips). Clark faces off against Granny’s Female Furies. Through a series of tapes, Lois is reunited with her deceased mother (played by Teri Hatcher; Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman). Tess learns about her true lineage.

* – 10. Luthor

      Why it’s essential: Clark inadvertently activates a Kryptonian mirror box which causes him to switch places with Clark Luthor, aka Ultraman, who’s from an alternate Earth. Lionel Luthor’s doppelganger makes his way to Earth-1.

p – 13. Beacon

      Why it’s essential: Lionel reclaims Luthorcorp and his “son” Alexander. Martha returns to help defeat the Vigilante Registration Act. Chloe returns to Watchtower.

A – 14. Masquerade

      Why it’s essential: Clark faces off against Desaad (of Apokolips) after he tries to corrupt Chloe with the darkness. Clark displays his microscopic vision for the first time. Clark adopts his secret identity disguise. Oliver is branded by the darkness.

* – 16. Scion

      Why it’s essential: It is revealed that Alexander, renamed Conner Kent aka Superboy, is the genetic offspring of Clark and Lex. Tess proves Lionel is a fraud and retakes control of Luthorcorp.

p – 17. Kent

      Why it’s essential: Clark Luthor returns to Earth-1. Clark meets and helps Jonathan Kent of Earth-2. Clark sends Clark Luthor back to Earth-2 on the path of redemption.

 – 18. Booster

      Why it’s essential: Clark meets Booster Gold from the 25th century. Clark and Booster Gold face off against a boy who bonds with an alien weapon known as the Scarab aka Blue Beetle. Clark perfects his secret identity persona.

 – 19. Dominion

      Why it’s essential: Clark is tricked by Zod (Major Zod now joined with General Zod’s phantom) to return to the Phantom Zone with Oliver.

p – 20. Prophecy

      Why it’s essential: Leading into the series finale, this episode show’s Jor-El giving Lois Clark’s powers for a day in response to him formally requesting a life bond with her. Black Manta, Solomon Grundy, and Captain Cold make cameo appearances. Gold kryptonite makes its first appearance. Kara leaves Clark’s destiny in his hands as she travels to the future.

FA – 21. & 22. Finale

      Why it’s essential: In the double episode series finale, ten years of trials and tribulations culminate in Clark Kent embracing his destiny. Lois and Clark get married (almost). Lex is resurrected from the dead by the machinations of Lionel and Darkseid. Clark faces off against Darkseid and finally taps into the power of flight. Jor-El and the spirit of Jonathan anoint Clark as Superman. Superman saves the world from the planet Apokolips.