Superman Writer Martin Pasko Dies Aged 65

Martin Pasko

Martin Pasko, long-time Superman writer/editor has died, aged 65.

Born on August 4, 1954, Pasko worked for many comic book publishers, but was probably best known by Superman fans for his work at DC Comics over three decades, having written the adventures of the Man of Steel in comic books, television, webisodes, and more.

Pasko started working on Superman in 1973, with his first Superman-related story being the “Private Life of Clark Kent” backup feature in “Superman #277” (July 1974).

Martin Pasko went on to be the main writer on “Superman” from 1977-1979. During that period he helmed the “DC Comics Presents” team-up book, co-created the Atomic Skull with Curt Swan, writing stories for the Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl titles, while also scripting stories for the newspaper comic strip “The World’s Greatest Superheroes”.

Pasko’s work continued on through the 1980s as the regular write on “Action Comics” during its weekly anthology period in 1989-1990. Fans of the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” might also know that Pasko penned the comic book adaptation of the film.

Beyond comic books, Pasko also wrote stories for the 1988 Ruby Spears “Superman” animated series.

Superman Homepage writer Michael Bailey expressed his thoughts on Pasko’s passing, saying, “Martin Pasko wrote many, many comics but my favorite will always be Action Comics #500. It is the single best retelling of the Silver and Bronze origin, filled with pathos while still retaining an epic feel.”

In August, DC Comics will publish a hardcover book titled “Superman’s Greatest Team-Ups,” written by Martin Pasko with art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, reprinting many issues from DC Comics Presents, featuring the greatest Superman team-up tales from the 1980s collected in hardcover for the first time.