“Superman & Lois” Series Finale Title Revealed

Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane on “Superman & Lois,” has shared a couple of photos, including the cover of the script for the series finale of the TV series.

"Superman & Lois" Series Finale

“Tried to take a normal ‘First day of filming the #SupermanAndLois series finale!’ selfie, but quickly ended up in tears. What a beautiful ride this has been. So grateful. Especially to our crew – this final season has been tough physically and emotionally on everyone and I see you and how hard you are working and I am so appreciative of you all,” Tulloch wrote on Facebook.

The series finale, written by Brent Fletcher and Todd Helbing, is titled “It Went By So Fast”, and will be directed by Gregory Smith.

Season 3 of “Superman & Lois” ended in the middle of a brutal showdown as Lex Luthor unleashed his ultimate weapon: a Doomsday created from the reanimated corpse of Bizarro. Superman and Doomsday clash, their fight escalating from Smallville to Metropolis and ultimately spilling onto the moon in a cliffhanger ending. Just as Doomsday gains the upper hand and sends Superman unconscious through space, Lois’ love and memories reignite Clark’s will to fight, leaving the epic battle’s outcome hanging in the balance.

Season 4 of “Superman & Lois,” which will be the last for the series, will have a 10 episode count. No premiere date for Season 4 has been announced as yet, although it is expected to air around September/October 2024.