“Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos” Illustrated Book Rereleased

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Two Superhero TV Pilots Showcased in a Lavishly Illustrated Book

BearManorMedia announces the release of “Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos” written by Chuck Harter.

This is a profusely illustrated look at two television pilots that were spun off the classic series “Adventures of Superman” starring George Reeves. “The Adventures of Superboy” was a live action portrayal of Superman’s younger self and starred Johnny Rockwell in the title role. “The Adventures of Superpup” was aimed at a children’s audience and featured little people with prosthetic dog heads. Both pilots are unique parts of the history of the celluloid Superman.

The book features over 150 rare images and has exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. Production information is included along with a complete look at the 12 unproduced Superboy episodes.

“Clearly a labor of love by author Chuck Harter…all in all, it’s a fantastic book for Super-fans.” – Review by Vinnie Ratolle.

Order your copy of “Superboy & Superpup: The Lost Videos” in either hardback or paperback from Amazon.com.

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