Sina Grace on the Young Adult Graphic Novel “Superman: The Harvests of Youth”

Superman: The Harvests of Youth

“Superman: The Harvests of Youth” is a new Young Adult graphic novel telling the grounded and heartbreakingly human story about the legendary Superman as a teenager finding his place in a world filled with death and hate, without losing sight of his greatest power… hope.

Created by acclaimed GLAAD media award-winning writer and artist Sina Grace (Iceman),“Superman: The Harvests of Youth” tells the deeply moving and quintessential story of teen Clark Kent and the town that must overcome grief and hate to restore hope.

Despite being a superpowered teenager, high school has been pretty normal for Clark Kent; but his idyllic life is wrenched away when the death of a classmate rocks all of Smallville. As he and his friends grieve, the challenges they face become darker, more complex, and deeply insidious. Clark feels completely out of his depth when Smallville’s latest threat proves that it takes more than fists and laser beams to save the day. For the first time in his life, Clark must grapple with life’s biggest questions, and confront his own mortality (or lack thereof) in order to become the hero his beloved town needs.

On September 30, Grace will participate in a live interview with Popverse to discuss the new book, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 3.