Play Crazy Fast & Fun Games with “DC Super Hero Girls Blitz”

Created by DC Entertainment and Budge Studios, the new “DC Super Hero Girls Blitz” game is now available on the App Store and Google Play! Play crazy fast games with your favorite DC Super Hero Girls characters!

Barbara Gordon here! A.k.a. the one and only Batgirl. You might know my awesome friends and me as the DC Super Hero Girls! We’re not your average high school students: we also fight crime by going head-to-head with Super-Villains. Do you want to join us for some crazy fast games and challenges? Be ready to jump, dance, zip-line, and climb your way around the city as you help us earn stars that’ll upgrade our super-secret hideout!


  • JUMP across rooftops or zip-line your way to a Super-Villain battle!
  • BATTLE The Cheetah, Wonder Woman-style!
  • SOLVE puzzles with Bumblebee!
  • ROCK OUT like Supergirl!
  • FEED cute animals with Green Lantern!
  • USE magical spells like Zatanna!
  • BEAT your high score! Yeah!
  • COLLECT all the comics to unlock new games!


  • BATGIRL: a technological mastermind who’s also a fangirl for all things Batman!
  • WONDER WOMAN: a crusader for truth and justice who courageously leads the DC Super Hero Girls!
  • SUPERGIRL: a rebellious teen with a big heart and superhuman strength!
  • BUMBLEBEE: a super-genius who never gives up and can also fly and shrink!
  • GREEN LANTERN: a compassionate peacemaker who has incredible energy superpowers!
  • ZATANNA: a mesmerizing magician who’s charming and super confident!


  • EARN stars to upgrade our super-secret hideout with cool decorations!
  • COLLECT outfits and dress up the whole crew!

Suit up and save the day in lightning-fast games with the unstoppable DC Super Hero Girls!

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