November 26, 2016: Brenda Strong Talks About Lillian Luthor’s Agenda on “Supergirl”

161115-darkestplace05In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brenda Strong talks about Lillian Luthor’s agenda and her relationship with her daughter Lena. Here are a few excerpts from the interview…

“Lillian’s objective is to rid the Earth of what she sees as an invasive, infectious force, and that’s the alien population,” Strong tells THR. “In her mind, using Supergirl’s blood to unlock the key to get the deadly Medusa virus, that’s her way of manipulating science to fulfill her objective, to get rid of as many aliens as possible within a small region, including Supergirl. [Lillian] is more of a threat than people can possibly imagine.”

“Lillian and Lena have been operating in their relationship at a slow simmer this entire time and the gas just got turned up, so whatever is boiling underneath, it’s going to come to the surface in the next episode,” Strong says. “You’re going to see an explosiveness between the two of them. She’s never been happy about any of her children being close to Supergirl or Superman [Tyler Hoechlin] since it will only end badly. She definitely will feel betrayed [by Lena working with Supergirl] and there’s going to be major emotional aftermath from that.”

Read the complete interview at The Hollywood Reporter website.