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Welcome to Radio KAL

From January 2005 to March 2017, the Superman Homepage produced a monthly podcast which was released on the last Wednesday of every month.

After twelve years, it was decided to incorporate the segments of the monthly "Radio KAL" podcast into a weekly live broadcast known as "Radio KAL Live!" (which ran until February 2018) before changing to a live video show called "WGBS TV Live!".

You can listen to the the final episode below...

Radio KAL #147

(March 29, 2017)
(20 mins 41 secs)

mp4 - (11mb)

Episode 147 of "Radio KAL" - Steve and Scotty bring you the final episode of this monthly podcast, which will now be incorporated into our weekly "Radio KAL Live!" show at Also includes the Big Question, Super Secret Sound-Byte contest, and our Superman song is "Superman" by Eddie Meduza.

You'll find all 147 episodes on our Radio KAL Archives page.