"Man of Steel" Spoiler-Free Review by Shawn Morrissey

[Date: June 13, 2013]

By Shawn Morrissey

Man of Steel Shawn Morrissey has finished his spoiler-free review of "Man of Steel." Here it is:

Finally, after years of waiting for word on a new movie, and then months of waiting for that movie's release, I got the awesome luck to be in a country that got Man of Steel earlier than most. That was this morning, June 13th, and as promised, here are my initial thoughts:

For the most part, I loved it. It's fast, action-packed, and driven by an interesting plot and intriguing MacGuffin. The plot effectively drives the entire movie, right down to the action. It creates an urgency for all the characters. From the House of El to the Kryptonian Council to Zod, the Kents, Lois - everyone. The story is driving this bus.

What I loved most is that it's a science fiction film. Top to bottom, this is a sci-fi Superman epic, something for which I've been longing. The sci-fi elements of the mythos are among my favourite bits, especially when they center around Superman's origin.

The cast fits like Lego into the respective roles. Cavill's Kal El/Clark Kent/Superman is still growing, and the way he's handled is spot on with that considered. Adams is a redhead - and it still doesn't matter. She's excellent as Lois Lane. Shannon is a bubbling volcano, and your legs would probably give out in fear before you'd have a chance to kneel before his Zod. The rest of the cast is equally as brilliant, or at least tolerable. Yes, Fishburne is African American - and it still doesn't matter.

The settings aren't of particular note, except Krypton. This is a planet recognizable as one, with an ecosystem and a definitively ancient culture. My only complaint is we don't see more of it.

Except for one little twitch in the music, the score is excellent. A Homepage member postulated that no one will walk out of the theater remembering Zimmer's main score. Well, I remember it, and it works.

There is a sombre tone, to be honest, and this was something that worried many fans. While there is a melancholy, it's suitably well-measured and unfolds to reveal a heroic centerpiece.

There isn't too much more to say without spoiling the film. In time I may chime in with a full review, but suffice it to say right now that Man of Steel is the best on screen rendition of Superman since 1978. Dare I say it...? Yes. It's even better.

Shawn Morrissey