Movie World Australia Announces DC Rivals Hypercoaster

Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia has announced the upcoming launch of a new “DC Rivals Hypercoaster”.

Warner Bros. Movie World presents the greatest theme park attraction the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen!

Coming this October the DC Rivals HyperCoaster will be the tallest, longest, fastest and only HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere and will reach speeds of 115km per hour.

Witness some of DC Comics ultimate rivalries before taking off on 1.4 kilometres of track featuring the world’s first non-inverted loop.

Rivalling all other roller coasters at 61.6 meters high. The first non inverting loop in the Southern Hemisphere reaching 40 metres high. The tallest, the longest and the fastest 1.4km long track. Reaching speeds of 115km per hour!