Mild Mannered Reviews – World of Krypton #1

World of Krypton #1

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World of Krypton #1 [of 6]


Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 7, 2021
Cover date: February 2022


Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Cover: Mico Suayan and Annette Kwok
Variant Covers: A’Damico/Francesco Francavlla

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

We begin with Nir-Ur in the Jeweled Mountains following a herd of Thought Beasts. To her horror she finds the herd dead. Back on Kryptonopolis Jor-El and Lara are on their way to the Naming Day ceremony for their niece Kara. While Jor-El and his brother Zor celebrate, their wayward cousin Kru-El enters and interrupts the conversation. Kru tries to get the ear of one of the council but they’re not hearing of it.

In walks General Zod back from battle. After a friendly discussion Zod declares he’s planning his retirement. Nira-Ur enters and approaches Jor-El telling him about the herd of Thought Beasts and how it seemed they just gave up their will to live. Suddenly a group of insurrectionists crash the party taking aim at the El family. While fighting over a gun Jor-El accidentally kills one of the insurrectionists. Meanwhile Lara tries to save the life of one of the guests. She is not successful. While the crowd is settling down Jor-El and Lara discuss what has just occurred. They are interrupted by General Zod carrying Kru-El. It seems Kru-El is responsible for the attack and plans on taking over the El family.

4Story – 4: This was a very entertaining issue. While most is just set up, we get to know the El family intimately. While Jor-El and Lara fret over not yet having a child they are thrilled to meet their new niece Kara. Lara and Alura seem particularly close while the brothers seem very fond of each other. When Kru-El enters it’s so obvious he’s the black sheep. Pompous and full of himself, thinking that anyone on the council would even give a thought to what he has to say. Of course we’re not new to the concept of a rift in the El family and Kryptonians rallying against them. This goes with the territory. I was just hoping that they would introduce a newer concept. But it’s the first issue, so we hopefully can expect new things to come to light as the book progresses. It was nice seeing Kara as an infant. I’m not sure how long the story will take place but it would be enjoyable watching her grow up before the inevitable happens. Solid issue.

5Art – 5: While I know I’ve seen Oeming’s art a time or two he really impressed me here. He seems to take great care with details and showing us the style of Kryptonian fashion. A bit of John Byrne, a little silver age, giving the book a nice homage to past incarnations. There’s a slight cartoon look to his art which enhances the book’s style.

5Cover Art – 5: Very striking cover. Not too familiar with the artist but the design and faces were done beautifully.

3A’Damico Variant Cover Art – 3: It’s just a simple design nothing special but I guess it gives a nice glimpse of a major El family member.

4Francesco Francavlla Variant Cover Art – 4: Nice rendering of a Kelex type robot. Hope to see it in the main book.

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