Mild Mannered Reviews – Titans: Beast World #5

Titans: Beast World #5

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Titans: Beast World #5

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 23, 2024
Cover date: March 2024

“Titans: Beast World – Part 5”

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Ivan Reis and Eduardo Pansica
Cover: Ivan Reis
Variant Covers: Bjorn Barends, Javier Fernandez and Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Henry and Marcelo Maiolo

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

The story picks up with the aftermath of the death of Gar. Raven reveals that she saw someone with the Helm of Chaos involved in the attack and will be seeking revenge. We then switch to a press conference at the White House, where the president describes the heroic efforts of Waller’s Bureau of Sovereignty. Waller then addresses the press, describing the heroic efforts of Chester Runk in defeating Gar and saving the world. She then divulges that they will begin rounding up and exterminating the humans who were turned into beasts, in order to defend the public. The Titans observe the press conference, it becomes too much for Raven who leaves. Donna follows Raven to the sky above the complex where Raven confides in her that she wishes to kill those involved. She acknowledges that this desire is part of the darkness trapped in her stone, but also states that she must live up to Gar’s example of selflessness. Inside the Titans observe the beginnings of Waller’s plan to exterminate the beasts. They decide they must confront Waller, and in the event she can not be stopped, Cyborg will have to hack into the military drones being used to perpetrate the atrocities, and shut them down.

Dick, Raven, and Wally leave to enter Waller’s bunker. Dick confronts Peacemaker and Waller, quickly dispatching of the former. When it is evident that Waller will not relent, he gives the go ahead to Cyborg. This thrills Waller, as it aids her in her campaign against the meta humans. At this point, Raven bursts into the room, prepared to murder Waller. In the midst of her rage, Doctor Hate enters the room, revealing herself to be the dark form of Raven.

3Story – 3: Thus far this has been the only weak chapter of the series. I don’t feel invested in Waller as a villain, I have not particularly enjoyed her as a character since the start of the New 52. The twist of finding out that Doctor Hate was linked to Raven did not hit for a me. I had no idea why Raven kept looking at her forehead gem, or rubbing it in her hand. I will have to go into her backstory a little more in order experience the full impact of the reveal. That is an inherent weakness in the plot point though. Events are created as tent pole stories for their respective universe, but too often the new readers who are being asked to invest in the story do not have the universe knowledge to feel the full impact of the story. A major event needs to have all of the major emotional beats, self-contained to the story. This issue suffers because the major twist went right over my head.

4Art – 4: Ivan Reis is back sharing art duties with Eduardo Pansica. The art has some uncharacteristic weak moments. There are a lot of beautiful and dynamic panels, but there are a few with distractingly bad faces, or lack of faces, that bring the reading experience down.

5Cover Art – 5: Such a sweet cover showcasing Doctor Hate and transformed beasts. The skull gem in the lower center provides a dramatic focus for the eye. Very cool cover.

2Variant Cover – 2: This cover with Donna and the Jarros is part of the connecting variants. And just like Starfire cover, the face on Donna looks very awkward.

5Variant Cover – 5: The incredible cover of Batman transforming into werewolf Batman. The blackness in the background contrasting with the greens and reds of the transformation, look so cool.

5Variant Cover – 5: I love this cover of Harley Quinn as a giant anthropomorphized rabbit. It is so fun.

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