Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman #10

Superman #10

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Superman #10

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 16, 2024
Cover date: March 2024

Chapter Ten: “Into the West”

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Bruno Redondo & Caio Filipe
Cover: Jamal Campbell
Variant Covers: Lee Bermejo and Bruno Redondo
1:25: Leirix
1:50: Mirko Colak

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

Superman and Marilyn Moonlight have been transported to the 1800s. Supercorp meanwhile are desperately trying to locate them while their base is under attack.

In the past Clark and Marilyn have taken on vigilante identities stopping robberies and rustlers. When they discover two burnt out and looted carriages and their murdered owners, they realise the damage was done by laser fire, and future tech could mean their way home.

They follow the tracks to Metropolis town and are stunned to find the villain Terra Man living in the time period. Pharm, Graft are children and their grandmother has hired Terra Man to protect them, but he’s enjoying the luxury of easy gambling and cheap liquor too much.

Clark arrives and even though he’s in civilian clothes Terra Man recognizes him immediately and presumes he’s powerless as he’s not flying around in his costume. They have a showdown in the streets but Clark outwits his opponent.

Terra Man loses the gunfight and Marilyn appears and helps to capture him. At this point Superman notices a face in the crowd and realizes they have inspired a young woman in the crowd. Could there be a link to the present?

As they investigate Terra Man’s belongings and find his time travel tech, Clark and Marilyn reveal personal secrets. Superman promises that the Justice League will retrieve Terra Man and that if he can, he’ll find out who resurrected Marilyn as a ghost.

Now in the present and free from kryptonite poisoning, Clark dons his costume and races to reunite with Lois at Supercorp, what he finds however is an ultimatum he was not prepared for.

To Be Continued…

3Story – 3: I’m a bit disappointed in this issue. I think given the final scene it would have been better to see the scene in the present unfold. The very first issue teased a visit to the old west and I had hoped for this story to last a few more issues, with Clark exploring the old west and travelling back to the present. It was touched upon with letters to Lois and when Clark revealed he’d only been in the past for four days, it felt like it was over too soon.

What was the significance of seeing Pharm and Graft as children?

Marilyn Moonlight seems interesting but she hasn’t been on more than a few pages prior to this so I find it hard to care. Meeting Terra Man in the past was too… neat, coincidental. I think it would have been far more interesting to see Clark and Marilyn struggle in the past, searching for a way to get back rather than it fall into their lap.

5Art – 5: The art was well suited to the story and embraced old western movies and comics. The vibrant color palette also helped bring it to life.

5Cover Art – 5: Clark makes a mean and moody cowboy! I like the color palette and pose and can’t help but think he’d make a cool action figure in his western get up.

5Variant Cover (Lee Bermejo) – 5: This is the kind of thing I was hoping for in the main story (maybe not in costume) and seeing this cover makes me feel like it was a missed opportunity. How often do we see Superman stop a bona fide steam engine? Brilliant cover!

5Variant Cover (Bruno Redondo) – 5: I really like this take on ‘Superman to the rescue’. It’s simple, vibrant and gives a new reader all they need to know. I think it’s a really iconic cover.

4Variant Cover (Leirix) – 4: I really like this cover, Marilyn looks stunning but I wish she had more to do in the book. Ten issues in and a one page origin is all we have. I would appreciate this more as a cover if I knew the character better. It is a really beautiful piece and I really love the style and atmospheric look.

4Variant Cover (Mirko Colak) – 4: Really nice styling here. It stands out the most from all the covers because it is so different. The use of ink over color and less reliance on digital tools gives it the maximum impact.

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