Mild Mannered Reviews – Knight Terrors #3

Knight Terrors #3

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Knight Terrors #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 8, 2023
Cover date: October 2023


“Knight Terrors: Dead By Dawn”

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Giuseppe Camunicol, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard
Cover: Ivan Reis and Danny Miki
Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina,
Variant Cover: Giuseppe Camunicol
Variant 1:25: Christian Duce
Variant 1:50: Gary Choo
Variant 1:100: Ivan Reis
Darkest Hour Variant: Ivan Reis

Reviewed by: JP Rocha

Batman (Deadman) and Sandman are fighting the Sleepless Knights. Outnumbered and overpowered, they are fortunately saved by Damian Wane. Calling the Batwing, the three of them escape from the Sleepless Knights.

With a bit of an reprieve, Damian explains that he foresaw Insomnia’s nightmare state attack and as result, has trained his mind to control his dreams, but not without a toll! Looking for clues on where to find the Knightmare Stone, Deadman uses his dream connection with Insomnia. Deadman reveals to the Sandman and Damian that it seems that the Stone is not in the nightmare state or in the earth realm either. As a result, the team believes it is somewhere in between waking and dreaming. Fortunately Sandman has a plan!

Using his different gas creations, Sandman is able to put Damian and Batman (Deadman) into The Hollow, the state between the waking world and the dreamscape. It is in this reality stream that the two find the “House of Horror”. Inside this house they find a dying, shot Deadman. Deadman posits that he must sacrifice himself to obtain the Knightmare Stone. Reaching inside of the gunshot wound of the dying Deadman, Batman (Deadman) pulls out the stone. At last the heroes finally have the Knightmare Stone, but at what cost to Deadman’s soul?

4Story – 4: The haunting of Knight Terrors continues to thrill as Damian Wane and Deadman take center stage. Williamson seems to be having fun writing this story. Not only is he picking up on seeds that he has left for himself previously, but he is also planting new seeds. As Damian and Batman (Deadman) enter The Hollow, Damian explains that he has a unique relationship with his father. While they work together well as Batman and Robin, they do not know how to be father and son. A theme that Williamson will definitely revisit in his upcoming “Batman and Robin” book.

3Art – 3: The art is not consistent throughout the issue as you would expect with three artists credited. The highlight is the main story art which is what you would hope for from an event book. The intro page is colored in a different style to match a more sketchy art style. The art from a four page nightmare state is also very sketchy and colored with a muted style. These four pages are used to give more backstory into Insomnia, as Deadman uses their connection to learn more about the Nightmare Stone. Although the art is good, it would be more suitable for an independent book.

3Cover Art – 3: Batman versus the Sleepless Knights. The art is good, but seems more appropriate for interior art and not for the main cover to a summer event.

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