Mild Mannered Reviews – Justice League Incarnate #1

Justice League Incarnate #1

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Justice League Incarnate #1 [of 5]


Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 30, 2021
Cover date: January 2022

“The Worlds Outside Your Window”

Writers: Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver
Artists: Brandon Peterson, Andrei Bressan and Tom Derenick
Cover: Gary Frank
Variant Covers: Jorge Fornes and Brandon Peterson

Reviewed by: James Lantz

Roll Call:
The Flash of Earth-0
Batman of an unknown Earth
Superman of Earth-23
Aquawoman of Earth-11
Captain Carrot of Earth-26
Thunderer of Earth-7
Dino-Cop of Earth-41

Though her intentions are unclear, Doctor Multiverse, while she battles Earth-8’s Retaliators, warns that the Multiverse is in grave danger on various fronts. Darkseid has tricked a version of Barry Allen to run so fast he creates a fissure in order for the Lord of Apokolips to take whatever power he deems necessary. Barry used the Speed Force to trap Darkseid. Now a new group called the Justice League Incarnate, whose base – the House of Heroes – is in a fixed point in the Multiverse’s lifeblood. The Earth-0 Flash is the key to finding Barry with the aid of the Quantum Treadmill. If he isn’t found soon, all that exists could perish at Darkseid’s hand.

Earth-8 has been attacked by the forces of Tartarus in spite of the Retaliators’ deal with Machinehead and a Darkseid controlled Psycho Pirate. However, the Darkseid arriving on Earth-8 shortly after the Justice League Incarnate is not the same one with whom Tartarus had spoken. Doctor Multiverse describes him as an evil that encompasses all worlds, which could describe most Darkseids perfectly. Doctor Multiverse and the Justice League Incarnate must take the dimensional crack to another universe while Tartarus and Darkseid are occupied fighting each other. The Justice League Incarnate escapes to an unknown Earth while Orion arrives at the House of Heroes to assist those who remained behind. However Kalibak and Darkseid’s forces have followed him.

4Story – 4: I half expected a bad copy of Marvel’s “Exiles” series. However, this really is quite good. It only suffers from one major problem. This could just be my perception, but it feels like two issues were crammed into one resulting in a bit too much going on at once. It perhaps would work better if the first half of the book had some more reader friendly introductions to the characters. The team’s arrival on Earth-8 could have been moved to a second issue, giving writers and readers alike a chance for something more evenly paced. That’s not to say this isn’t enjoyable. I just feel like the writers wanted to prove something with this series’ beginning for some reason.

4Art – 4: Some art is better in some points than others. However, each style does work for their respective sections of the book. There are just some minor flaws that prevent some images from being perfect. Perhaps once the entire series is collected, Said imperfections could be overlooked.

5Cover Art – 5: Gary Frank is one of my all-time favorite artists. This cover proves how much he’s evolved since his days on “The Incredible Hulk”.

5Jorge Fornes Variant Cover Art – 5: While I would have preferred a Superman image, this image of Batman proves that Jorge Fornes should be working more in comics.

5Brandon Peterson Variant Cover Art – 5: It seems inspired by Image Comics’ early days. Yet, it is still a fantastic variant.

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