Mild Mannered Reviews – Dark Knights of Steel #2

Dark Knights of Steel #2

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Dark Knights of Steel #2


Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 7, 2021
Cover date: February 2022

“Distant Thunder”

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Yasmine Putri
Cover: Yasmine Putri
Variant Covers: Joshua Middleton, Yasmine Putri

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Spoilers from issue #1 are unavoidable at this point. I will also be including spoilers for issue #2. Too much that happens in this issue depends on the tumultuous finale of the previous one.

SPOILER 1: Jor-El was murdered by an arrow shot by Green Arrow and Green Lantern or as they call him the Green Man.

SPOILER 2: Batman’s mother and Jor-El had an affair making Bruce and Kal half brothers… and giving Bruce powers.

In a furious rage Batman leaps from the castle battlement and with Alfred in tow, speedily tracks down Oliver and swiftly hacks his arm off. En route he grabs an arrow shot right at Alfred’s face. The dark night of the murder shifts to the light of day in the Kingdom of Storms. The Green Man reports his exploits to Constantine while King Jefferson trains his children in the use of their powers. Anissa, Jennifer, and Jacob all exhibit great elemental powers. But it’s Jacob’s mastery of the rain that draws his father’s highest praise. He notes that it has been generations since a royal family member last controlled the rain. Constantine relays the Green Man’s report, but also warns of repercussions. We then cut back to the Els and their advisors arguing about the best response. There is a division between responding in war or peace. It climaxes with Kal exploding on Bruce, telling him it is a family matter and he is not family.

The story then follows Lois Lane back to Themyscira where she tells Hippolyta the news of Jor-El’s death. The Amazonian queen fears a great conflict breaking out. And it is revealed that Kal’s sister, Zala, is living with the Amazonians, and the lover of Diana. When she is told of Jor-El’s murder she flies off in a rage. Kal is then seen in the dungeons, it is revealed that many magic users are in the dungeon. He confronts Oliver over the murder and insists his family is not made up of killers. But Zala has other plans. She breaks into Jefferson’s palace and steals Jacob flying him high to the sky. Jefferson yells at her to release him and she does, dropping Jacob to his death. An explosion of lightning is hurled at her from Jefferson, to which she just states, “it tickles.”

5Story – 5: WHAT!?! The death scene is crazy, the Batman tracking Oliver scene is crazy… this is just a crazy fun issue. I can’t wait to see how King Jefferson responds to the murder of his only son. I also can’t wait to see Kal assert himself as the future king of the Els.

5Art – 5: The art for this issue is outstanding. Yasmine is incredible, and the colors by Atif Prianto are gorgeous.

5Cover Art – 5: I love the thematic similarities between the two covers so far. They are structured the same way and they will look gorgeous side by side.

2Variant Cover Art #1 – 2: I don’t like this cover. The composition of the face is weird. And the colors don’t work for me.

5Variant Cover Art #2 – 5: Now that I know Bruce’s secret, I’m not so worried about his stats. It’s a great look at his armor and a great image.

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