Mild Mannered Reviews – Challenge of the Super Sons #13

Challenge of the Super Sons #13

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Challenge of the Super Sons #13

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 19, 2021

“Death to the Doom Scroll”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Max Raynor
Inker: Max Raynor
Cover: Max Raynor

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

The issue opens up with Savage and Faust reuniting in modern times. Jon and Damian are puzzling over what to do with their own logo on the Doom Scroll. Jon begins to freak out about their imminent deaths, and worrying that they may already be dead. As they argue, Rora arrives to help them destroy the scroll. Her arrival draws Faust and Savage to their location. In the battle they are able to destroy the scroll, ending the issue.

4Story – 4: Jon’s freak out seemed a little out of character for him, especially his focus on them maybe being dead. I understand that they are young kids, but it just seemed odd. Overall, the story was fun to read and long overdue on the cliff-hanger from a few issues earlier.

5Art – 5: Raynor rocked the issue, and it was great to have him back on the series. Evan Stanley did an admirable job on the trip back in time, but I really liked having Raynor back on this issue.

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