Mild Mannered Reviews – Batman/Superman: World’s Finest 2024 Annual #1

Batman/Superman: World's Finest 2024 Annual #1

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Batman/Superman: World’s Finest 2024 Annual #1

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 30, 2024

Writers: Mark Waid, Cullen Bunn, Dennis Culver, Stephanie Williams, Christopher Cantwell
Artists: Edwin Galmon, Travis Mercer, Rosi Kampe, Jorge Fornes
Cover: Dan Mora

Reviewed by: Tony Parker


Mr. Mxyzpitlk tries to rally the other mites (Bat-Mite, and ones who adore Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Arrow, Aquaman, Metamorpho, Black Canary and The Flash), only for the deadly threat he tried to warn about to come anyway, a horde of villain mites and a mysterious foe hell bent on destroying the real heroes. Mxy and Mite escape to warn Superman and Batman…

5Story – 5: A seriously fun, lighthearted romp with an excellent tonal shift ending and some fun meta gags. I never liked the mite concept (Mxy excepted) but this is a great story tease and again has that silver age taken seriously vibe that has dominated this run for good reason. This next half year story arc seems like quite the undertaking!

4Art – 4: A bit of an odd style but I kinda liked it as a departure, it fit the dark ending well!

“The Ties that Bind”

Shortly after the battle of Newmazo, Metamorpho is sent by Simon Staggs to Markovia, to find the mythical hammer of vulcan. Enduring the volcano’s many traps and reminiscing about his father, whose relationship with him grew distant thanks to their many differences, Rex Mason ends up finding exactly that, his father trying to gain the hammer. After a speech about how Sapphire may not choose Rex over her father, father Mason ends up getting the hammer from Rex willingly, Metamorpho wondering where his love will end up…

4Story – 4: Another strong story, with a melancholic undercurrent and great action. Hope we see where this Rex story concludes!

3Art – 3: Nice solid art but nothing revolutionary, personally.

“Sting Like a Bee”

Before Karen Beecher was Bumblebee of the teen titans, she accomplished her first mission, exposing a corrupt subsidiary of Stagg Enterprises with a prototype Bumblebee costume, and freeing her community of their terror.

3Story – 3: It’s a good story, but I think I need to know more about Karen to truly appreciate this story. Still, a decent time!

3Art – 3: Nice lighting, prototype costume was also quite appreciated!

“Time Check”

The Challengers of the Unknown reflect on what they mean as they stop their dimension from merging with another.

4Story – 4: I really liked the writing, even though I know nothing about these characters, so that’s a testament to the quality!

4Art – 4: Also very nice, trippy parts were the best!

4Cover Art – 4: It’s a very classic silver age style cover, but the lack of mites is distracting.

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