Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1060

Action Comics #1060

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Action Comics #1060

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 12, 2023
Cover date: February 2024

Cover: Steve Beach
Variant Covers: Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez, Jim Cheung and Jay David Ramos, Daniel Sampere and Alejandro Sanchez, Kaare Andrews, Felipe Massafera

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

“New Worlds” – Part Four

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Eddy Barrows, Fico Ossio, and Eber Ferreira

Superman asks a strung out John Constantine for help finding Otho. Meanwhile on Earth Al Ghul, Norah Stone aka Sister Shadow tries to recruit Otho to her cause and destroy the Super Family. Back in Metropolis Norah Stone supporters wreak havoc. Superboy, Keenan and Natasha Irons swoop in and try to take care of business. We then cut to Superman and Constantine at the Blue Earther’s headquarters were Constantine warns Superman not to trust anything he hears or sees. Constantine than warns Superman not to cross over to Earth Al Ghul. Whatever Norah has created to cross is very dangerous. They must find another way. Superman hears Otho’s voice crying out coming from an hour glass. Again he’s warned not to touch it but he does and ends up destroying the evil that Norah has created. In doing so he free’s Etrigan and Bloodwynd who vow to help Superman save Otho.

4Story – 4: This was an unusual chapter. After everything that happened we now have magic at the forefront. I enjoy a good magical tale but other than a few hints this wasn’t really a story about magic. Now in the eleventh hour it’s all about it. Don’t get me wrong, this was a fun issue and we’re finally getting to the heart of it all, I just felt the whole magical element came out of nowhere. Yes, we’ve seen Norah talking to something in a cauldron and the Blue Earthers were given powers, but I never felt that this would turn into a full fledged story dealing in magic.

Enough gripes. Let’s talk about what I did like. I’ve been rough on the Super Twins but I really felt for them this issue. Supergirl’s story about the twins found by Aivor and Eldani on Krypton is definitely going to play into their story somehow. I’m interested to see what happens. An appearance from Constantine, magical story or not, is always welcome. PKJ’s take on Constantine is spot on and he was a lot of fun in this issue. And Etrigan and Bloodwynd!? Bloodwynd! How cool is that!? Okay it all plays into the magical element of the story but it’s still fun to see these characters. All in all not a bad final issue for PKJ but of course the story concludes in this year’s “Action Comics Annual” and that’s where the story will end. So there’s still one more issue before he’s done. Can’t wait for the finale.

4Art – 4: There’s many artists involved in this issue but the art stays pretty consistent. Lots of swirls and flashes which goes along with the magic but it’s very colorful. The characters also look good, which makes the issue and the art standout.

“Squad Dreams”

Writer: Nicole Maines and Steve Orlando
Artist: Fico Ossio

Jon is sacking out at Dreamer’s place when who comes to the door? None other than Amanda Waller. She needs Dreamer’s help in stopping another precog named Afterthought. He’s out for revenge and heading towards Belle Reve prison. Jon warns Dreamer about working with Waller but she accepts. Suffice to say Afterthought and Dreamer fight and Dreamer wins. Afterthought also warns Dreamer about Waller but Dreamer says she’s not protecting Waller from Afterthought. She never was. Meanwhile Waller as usual has a nefarious plan.

3Story – 3: I think this story suffers a bit because it was started in another book. I love Dreamer and she’s always welcomed. This was an entertaining action filled story but again it’s more a continuation than a one off. If you’re not familiar with what’s happened before you’re kind of lost.

3Art – 3: The art is very busy in this story but still drawn well. Ossio is a very capable artist.

“Past is Prologue”

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Dan McDavid

The elders of the United Planets are not happy with Zod’s actions. He tells them he’s creating a new society on his home world planet. Zod, as always, is secretly planning something dangerous. So dangerous he doesn’t even want his son (Lor) to know. After Lor fights with some robots his father put up for security he gets past them. What he sees makes him question his father.

3Story – 3: This story is a set up for the new Zod book. It isn’t very clear as to what Zod is doing but I guess we will find out in the new book. While this is all just set up it’s still nice to see the Zod clan in a story. It made me interested to read the new book.

4Art – 4: I liked the art for this story. The Zod clan were drawn well and it’s very colorful. A lot of reds and yellows. It’s obvious that Zod and Ursa, especially Ursa, are drawn to look like Terrance Stamp and Sarah Douglas respectively but it’s done well and not distracting.

3Cover Art – 3: Nice cover giving us a glimpse as to what we’ll see inside. Superman and Constantine are drawn well but it’s nothing special.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: Beautiful cover of Superman soaring through Metropolis by Jim Cheung.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: A great image of Superman happily greeting a bunch of kids seeking autographs. With a massive cape! By Jorge Jimenez.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Wow what a great shirt rip! By Kaare Andrews.

51:25 Variant Cover Art – 5: Another striking cover of Superman taking to the skies. By Daniel Sampere.

3“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” Variant Cover Art – 3: Okay image of Jason Mamoa’s Auquaman. Doesn’t do much for me but it’s a well drawn image. By Felipe Massafera.

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