Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1059

Action Comics #1059

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Action Comics #1059

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 28, 2023
Cover date: January 2024

Cover: Steve Beach
Variant Covers: Jorge Jimenez, Carla Cohen, Tyler Kirkland and Alejandro Sanchez, Francesco Tomaselli, Mike Deodato JR and Matt Herms

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

“New Worlds” – Part Three

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

Blue Earthers to the rescue? With Superman depowered the Earthers are using the powers they stole from Superman to become the heroes of Metropolis. Their rough brand of justice and ignorance of the destruction they’re causing gets the attention of two Men of Steel – John Henry and Superman in a steel costume of his own. With low powers he needs protection. But this still doesn’t stop Superman. Along the way the super team arrives and starts taking care of business. A mysterious green mist envelopes Otho. Norah Stone appears and tells her they must talk and fades away. At fights’ end Otho somehow is clutching a mysterious object. Meanwhile at Steelworks John Henry and Natasha are releasing sunlight into Superman with a machine called the Harvester. Lois tells the team that the Earthers have manipulated the media making it look like the heroes caused all the wreckage and they come out looking lke the heroes. Superman seems to think Norah looks very familiar. He puts two and two together and realizes that Norah Stone is Bruce Wayne’s and Talia Al Ghul’s daughter from another universe! Norah then kidnaps Otho and brings her to Earth Al Ghul telling Otho that with her help big things are about to happen.

5Story – 5: This issue lived up to its title. It was so action packed and fun. Clark looked great in his steel armor and while it’s not a costume I’d like to see him wear too often I wouldn’t be against them pulling it out now and again. I have to say while I’ve been hard on the Super Twins lately I like what’s happening with Otho. Norah is Bruce’s daughter? If you read “The Batman/Superman: The Authority” special it will fill you in. This was a twist I didn’t see coming. The Al Ghul family, albeit from another universe, is behind this. Now I may quibble that Batman’s world is infringing once again on Superman’s, but so far I like this development. This is the penultimate issue of PKJ’s run on this book and man is he bringing it. Next issue will be very exciting but also bittersweet. I’m still looking forward to the story’s end.

5Art – 5: Eddy Barrows’ and Eber Ferreira’s art is fabulous. Their Superman looks fantastic and the fight scene was beautifully done. I hope they are not finished working in Superman’s world.

“Secret Identity” – Part Two

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic

Keenan is not dead! He comes to and with a communicator explains why he’s been under cover. Suddenly in comes Bat-Man from China ready for a rumble. After some fisticuffs Keenan explains to the Bat-Man that they were wrong about the supers and he is now one of them. The Bat-Man is none too happy. We then see a smiling Keenan Kong fly away with his new team.

3Story – 3: Seeing as how we already know how this turns out, this story was anti climactic. I’ve said that I’m not quite familiar with this character and this story doesn’t really make me care for him anymore than it already did. Still entertaining enough.

4Art – 4: The story is very well illustrated. Bogdanovic is a terrific artist. Nice drawing of the Super Team.

“A Heart in Metropolis”

Writer: Dan Parent
Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

This is basically a day in the life of Jon Kent. Playing with the super twins, trying to find time with Jay while Lois and Clark look proudly on.

4Story – 4: There’s not a lot to this story but just watching the Kents be a family was wonderful and very refreshing what with the darker stories happening in the books. Please another solo title soon.

4Art – 4: Sauvage can be an acquired taste but it really works well for this story.

4Cover Art – 4: A little dark but Clark and John Henry look great!

3Variant Cover Art – 3: Looks great but there’s those red eyes of anger again.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: A real classic drawing. I want a poster.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: A beautiful drawing of Natasha by Cohen.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: Another classic drawing this time by Jorge Jimenez. Poster?

3Artist Spotlight Variant Cover Art – 3: Fine image of the Super Family but nothing spectacular.

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