May 28, 2016: Rebirth and Superman’s Status as a Father

SupermanRebirth01-2In an interview with, the creative team of Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason talk about “Rebirth” and their plans for Superman, his son Jonathan, and Superboy. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

Peter Tomasi: What Pat and I loved doing on Batman and Robin, we want to do it here, with Superman and Jonathan, but explore the father-son dynamic from a whole different angle, because Bruce and Clark are very different people. And Damian and Jonathan are incredibly different characters.So we’ve got a story that’s right in our wheelhouse now, to explore the father-son relationship for this first arc.

And as Pat said, we’re really playing with it from the eyes of a child, looking up at a father, who is someone he loves, but at the same time is a superhero, is an incredibly powerful being. And we’ll be showing how Jonathan deals with that.

Working with Pat on the writing side with this now and also seeing the images coming through, it’s amazing, the bond that you see with the way he draws these characters – the emotion in the faces and the way they interact with each other, the whole family. And having Lois there as the mother now is a whole new dynamic we didn’t have in Batman and Robin, unless you count Alfred. [Laughs]

But it’s just really great, for us, to keep exploring that angle, especially because we both have kids. And they’re such different characters than Batman and Robin, it’s really a nice way to flip a page and deal with characters so different, as Clark and Jonathan and Lois, and we’re going to go down some real cool different avenues with it.

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