May 26, 2016: Op-Ed “It’s Not Easy Being Superman”

Tired SupermanOne-time Superman Homepage reviewer Michael “George” O’Connor has written an opinion editorial about the Superman film franchise which Superman fans might like to read…

It may sound counterintuitive to pity a superhuman with near-godlike abilities, but Superman just can’t catch a break.

DC Comics has tacked on one gimmick after another to string along comic book readers for decades – de-powering him, killing him, turning him into a blue energy being, changing his costume, giving him a badass attitude with a serious chip on his shoulder… they’ve tried it all.

Meanwhile, the films have been similarly schizophrenic, indecisive in their reverence towards the original 1978 Donner film or the Christopher Nolan Batman films, never considering there might be a third option.

And on television, the Superman IP has been pigeonholed into cheesy soap operas like Lois and Clark or Smallville that choose to focus more on relationship issues or teen angst than the blue-and-red tights source material. Heck, even on the show Supergirl, Superman’s televised appearance is relegated to being unconscious for two episodes so that Kara can save the world on her own. What do we actually see of the Last Son of Krypton? His red boots in the background.

But here’s the thing: Superman can be a great character if DC wants him to be. They only lack the light to show the way.

Read Michael’s complete article at his personal blog.