May 13, 2016: Neal Adams Draws “Meerkats Movies: A Heroic Journey” Comic and DC Entertainments have collaborated to today release part one of “Meerkat Movies: A Heroic Journey” – a 16-page comic book written and illustrated by DC legends Tony Bedard and Neal Adams.

The comic sees Aleksandr and Sergei causing havoc on the streets of LA dressed up as their favourite superhero counterparts, Batman and Superman. The duo find themselves in hot water as they make their way to see the blockbuster film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Their journey is far from smooth as they get caught between rival street gangs and snarling dogs as they try to make it to the cinema on time.

Part two of “Meerkat Movies: A Heroic Journey” will launch on 27th May, and will include an onsite competition which will give fans the opportunity to win one of 200 limited edition, hardbound copies of the comic.

Download Part 1 of “Meerkat Movies: A Heroic Journey” now!

Neal Adams photo courtesy of MEC Manchester