Mariko Tamaki Talks About “Supergirl: Being Super” Miniseries

The LA Times has published an interview with writer Mariko Tamaki in which she talks about “Supergirl: Being Super”, the upcoming 4-issue miniseries that sits outside regular comic book continuity. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

“I wanted to write a story about someone finding their way to their identity,” said Tamaki of the upcoming four-part comic book miniseries. “I wanted Kara’s connection to her past to evolve as the story went along, so I set it up that she had little to no conscious memory of it when we start.”

Thankfully, the new twist didn’t leave the main character Kara without her otherworldly capabilities. “Kara is still super,” explained Tamaki. “She is still from Krypton, but in this story, that part of her life is something she doesn’t remember. Kara lives in Midvale with her parents on a small farm. She goes to high school, has best friends, two of them, Jen and Dolly, and she runs on the track team.

“She also has, but can’t explain, super powers like the ability to fly, super strength, and so on,” Tamaki said, “and these are parts of herself she has to keep a secret.”

Read the complete interview at the LA Times website, including exclusive preview pages from the first issue.

You can purchase the first issue of “Supergirl: Being Super” in print, for your Kindle or iBooks.