“Krypton” Cast and Crew’s Thoughts on Superman

With the Syfy series “Krypton” only a few months away, GeekExchange.com has acquired quotes from stars Cameron Cuffe, Shaun Sipos, Georgina Campbell, writer David S. Goyer and showrunner Cameron Welsh on their thoughts on Superman.

Here’s what Cameron Cuffe had to say…

“To be part of the Superman mythology was such an incredible opportunity and one that you could never say no to as a fan who loves dearly what this property is and what this character means to millions of people. I think whenever anyone pitches a superhero, it’s Superman. Every superhero in the world owes something to Superman. I like to believe that he represents the good in all of us. The great thing about him isn’t the cape or the powers, it’s that he believes in you. He believes in the best that you can be, and he stands as an example of that. That will always be important. That will always be compelling.”

“I really don’t think we’ve had a bad Superman on screen, but I think Superman first came into a lot of our lives with Christopher Reeve. That performance is so wonderful and so specific. I think it’s underrated the way he gave credence to both Superman and Clark Kent. They both felt real, and they both felt important. We loved both of them. I also think it’s really important to say he didn’t just embody Superman on the screen, he embodied Superman off-screen. Both he and his wife, Dana, were heroes in the real world, too. Nothing but respect and admiration for the both of them.”

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