June 6, 2016: Dan Jurgens on Super Lex Luthor in “Action Comics #957”

AC_Cv957_R1With “Action Comics” returning to its original numbering to kick of the “Rebirth” era with issue #957, ComicBookResources.com caught up with writer Dan Jurgens to find out what we can expect from the bi-monthly comic book series, and how Lex Luthor wearing Superman’s “S” shield will impact the story being told. Here’s part of the interview…

It’s a bit tough to swallow seeing Lex repping the Superman shield. If there were no superheroes, and specifically no Superman, would Earth have a different level of appreciation of Lex Luthor, do you think, or would he be even scarier?

When it comes to Lex Luthor wearing Superman’s symbol, you have to take into account what the current DCU knows about him as opposed to what we know about him. They know him to be a member of the Justice League. We, of course, know him to be an evil murderer. The world at large does not, and that extends to the newest residents of the world, Superman and Lois.

In an issue of “Superman: Lois and Clark,” I made it fairly clear that they don’t trust him, and Superman even mentioned the idea that he went through Luthor’s computer and files. He wasn’t able to find anything incriminating, but nevertheless, they don’t trust him. They just suspect that Luthor is accomplished at hiding his nefarious activities.

All of that, of course, sets up conflict between Superman and Luthor.

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