Jack Quaid Talks About Playing Superman on “My Adventures With Superman” at SCAD TVfest 2024

Jack Quaid at SCAD TVfest 2024

SCAD TVfest 2024 took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, February 7, where a special screening of two Season 2 episodes of “My Adventures with Superman” took place, followed by a Q&A panel with actors Jack Quaid, Alice Lee, and Ishmel Sahid, co-showrunner and co-executive producer Jake Wyatt, and art director Jane Bak.

In an interview with People magazine at the event, Jack Quaid spoke about the joys of voicing the iconic character in animated form.

“After seeing what they did with the character and how he’s very much Clark [Kent] first, Superman second — not second, just Superman is the identity he’s pretending to be, where deep down he’s Clark — I love that spin on it,” he said.

Quaid also spoke about how freeing it has been being able to show up to voice the character no matter what he looks like.

“You can look like absolute hell and you can have a great day,” Quaid quipped. “I love the freedom it allows you. I love that I get to play around in this world, play a role that I never thought I’d play in a million years. It feels like you can go even further into the character in a lot of ways.”

Even though he’s voiced Superman for two seasons of “My Adventures With Superman”, Quaid still finds it odd.

“It’s been very weird to play Superman because saying the words ‘I am Superman,’ is a really weird thing to say,” he said. “It’s impossible to say it without it seeming like a weird flex. But the fact that I got to play this character is just such an honor.”

Season 2 of “My Adventures With Superman” will premiere on Adult Swim some time in 2024. No official release date has been announced as yet.