Superman Fun & Games:

Save Metropolis
Save Metropolis
An earthquake has hit Metropolis! You are Superman - save the people of Metropolis from the falling debris.

Stop! Press!
Stop! Press!
Superman has returned and as Jimmy Olsen you've been instructed by Perry White to get the best photo of Superman flying over various cities all around the world for the front page of the Daily Planet newspaper. Get snapping!

Superman Homepage Mazes
There are 10 mazes in all. Each progressively harded than the previous one. There's no need to print them out and solve them using a pen or pencil (although you're welcome to do that if you like), as these Maze puzzles are put together using Java, allowing you to draw your way through the maze using your computer's mouse.

SuperVision Puzzles
Can you spot all 6 differences in the image on the right compared to the original on the left?

My Metropolis City-Scape
Click and drag all the items in the picture and create your own personal Metropolis city-scape. (Uses Macromedia Flash)

Metropolis Defender
Metropolis Defender
Save Metropolis from falling meteors and more!

Emblem Puzzle
Superman Emblem Puzzle
Drag around the scrambled puzzle peices to re-create the Superman emblem. (Uses Macromedia Flash)

Metallo's Lead-lined Lair!
Chase Metallo through his lead-lined lair in this "Hunt the Wumpus"-type game. (Uses Javascript)

SCU Meta-Gene Tester
Do you have what it takes to join the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit? (Uses Javascript)

Classic Hangman game... with a Superman slant. (Uses Javascript)

Earth is under attack by kryptonite that can harm humans and Superman. But there is a cure Kryto-X which Superman must collect to save Earth.

Superhero Magic Trick
A cool interactive superhero magic trick.