The Last Son

May 2009

Youcef Belhaoues (

"Even though you've been raised as a human being
You are not one of them"
These words from long ago I keep recalling
Became a part of who I am

As I reached my new home providentially unhurt
I was found alive and pulled from the wreckage
I would live my life with my real self covert
And unknowingly herald an earnest message

To find my rightful place in the world
And foster the caring heart and mind
I learned to live by the truth now unfurled
That I would take on the mission assigned

A stranger walking among the common man
A man feeling at home but still a stranger
Born under a distant star, and sent off with a master plan
I travelled far, unaware of any present danger

Through birthright, I see my life rich and strong
With memories of a glorious past and faith in a bright future
I wage a daily battle to preserve right over wrong
And protect a home with a love I intend to nurture

I longed for the essentials to start life anew
A family and a home I can call my own
The father who carefully pulled me through
Made sure that I would never be alone

My distinction lies in my powers, my heritage and my fate
As I hailed from a long-gone planet called Krypton
Once peopled by my kind, refined and great
Before its untimely demise made me the Last Son