My Fortress of Solitude

April 2008

Youcef Belhaoues (

When the time comes for a sanctuary and I long for a shelter
When I need to find a safe haven where I no longer suffer
There's a secret place I can reach for me to meditate
On the matters calling my attention and the views I wish to contemplate

I will need some time alone to nurse my pains and heal
And to reflect upon the way I came to think and feel
In retreat I will find my guide escorting me to better care
A resourceful route I will take in eager search for welfare

Doubts, fears and struggles will test my heart and soul
They will challenge me out of my intended role
But in that place I will be fostered to summon my inner might
That will manifest into a righteous and glorious fight

Resilient spirit, gifted mind and noble character
Can all be found in that insightful center
It is my birthright, my sound and rightful claim
To rekindle and feed my dormant flame

When lost and confused, and in search for guidance
The citadel inside will be my voice for conscience
I will find the answers, stirred by certainty
Ready to follow my path and fulfill my destiny

I will be true to my self, my nature, my creed
Standing for truth and justice, my way shall be revealed
I will serve my purpose, sustained by fortitude
The hero inside will call it home: My Fortress of Solitude