Heritage Auctions Lists More Original Superman/Steel Art by Jon Bogdanove

Superman by Jon Bogdanove

Artist Jon Bogdanove is selling off pieces of original art from the “Death of Superman” era from his personal collection via Heritage Auctions.

In a post on Facebook, Bogdanove wrote, “Last year, we gave Heritage Auctions so much of my most historic Steel original art, they had to split it into TWO auctions! Here is your second and LAST chance to own these precious, iconic pieces.”

There are 12 items on offer, including original art by Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke from issues #22, 24 & 26 of “Superman: The Man of Steel”, original art from the cover of the “Steel: The Official Comic Adaptation,” and other original art pieces.

The auction ends early April 2023. Place your bids at Heritage Auctions.