Gwenda Bond Chats About Her Third Lois Lane Novel “Triple Threat”

Entertainment Weekly has published an interview with author Gwenda Bond in which she discusses the publication of her third Lois Lane novel “Triple Threat”. Here’s an excerpt from the interview in which Gwenda talks about the Lois and Clark relationship in this series of books…

I know it was a part of the brief for this project to include Clark, but what have you been keeping in mind as you approach writing their relationship in the books?

To me, that relationship is such a cornerstone of those characters. I’ve always looked at this project as the way in which Lois becoming who she becomes, influencing how Clark discovers what a hero is. Other people said that she’s “Superman’s superman” but, in a real concrete way, she’s giving him a model for what somebody does. Even to the extent of, “He’ll become a journalist, too, because he sees that that’s the way to do good and a good cover story.” I definitely wanted all of the books and their interactions to feel like, the versions of these characters that those of us who love them are attached to when they’re adults could see that reflected here.

When I first started the book, I had this idea that they would never get to meet. I got around that a little bit by creating the virtual reality game; that was not in the outline. I realized as I was writing: “Obviously, I’ve created this game, so, I can have scenes with them together.” Those scenes gave them a way to start to get to know each other in what feels like a physical space. But Clark and Lois are an inextricable part of each other. So it made so much sense to me that they would meet in a way I have them meet. Because Superman in the traditional Superman stories is the first superhero and I wanted to preserve that rather than complicate it with other heroes existing. So we know that young Superman remains out there, experimenting with his powers, and we know we’re going to find out weird things were going on, it made sense to me that Lois would be one of the first people to realize that, and that Clark would, obviously, be monitoring reports of anything that was weird. Not just to see if he had shown up on anyone’s radar but, in case there are other people like him. The thing is, he does meet someone like him. She just isn’t an alien with superpowers!

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