Free Comic Book Day Offerings From DC Comics

For this year’s celebration of Free Comic Book Day, DC Entertainment will be celebrating with two amazing issues for the biggest fans, young and old – DC Nation #0 and DC Super Hero Girls.

On May 2, DC NATION #0 will be released. It is a full-size comic that will feature previews of three of DC’s highest-profile story arcs of 2018 – the wedding of Batman and Catwoman, Brian Michael Bendis’ weekly MAN OF STEEL series and JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, by Scott Synder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson. The book will also be available for digital download.

Just in time for Free Comic Book Day, this special comic priced at just US$0.25 features three brand-new stories from a lineup of superstar talent – and each tale serves as a prelude to some of the biggest DC events of 2018!

These stories will appear only in this comic book and will not be reprinted in another comic book before each series’ collected editions. Only the first printing of this issue will have a cover price of $0.25. This issue will ship with four covers.

The FCBD offering this year is a chapter from DC Super Hero Girls: Date with DisasterDate with Disaster continues the excitement and success of the NY Times Bestselling “DC Super Hero Girls”. The issue, written by Shea Fontana, stars Batgirl, Lois Lane and Catwoman as they navigate the complexities of life and investigate the clues of a mystery explosion.

Catwoman is out on the prowl one night when kaboom! An explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs rouses the heroes from their slumber. Star students Batgirl and Lois Lane both know the lab incident is fishy, and they meet later to share clues. But nothing could’ve prepared Batgirl for what they see next: Batgirl’s dad out on a date! Batgirl is grossed out until her friends convince her that dads get lonely, too. And with the school dance coming up and everyone pairing off – heck, even Principal Waller has a date with a guy called Deadshot – maybe it’ll be okay. The girls place a personal ad for Commissioner Gordon while they delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the explosion, but they’re about to discover more than who is behind the attack on S.T.A.R. Labs. Could it be that posting an ad looking for dates for the commissioner is like advertising catnip for criminals?

Free Comic Book Day will be celebrated at comic book stores around the world on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.