December 15, 2016: Producer Jim Krieg Talks About “Justice League Action”

In an interview with, Producer Jim Krieg talks about the audience their aiming to target and the influences behind “Justice League Action”, the new animated series set to premiere on Cartoon Network in the USA tomorrow evening.

“We wanted to make a show that would bring in younger viewers and at the same time satisfy the die-hard DC fans,” says producer Jim Krieg. “Although there is comedy, it’s more of a workplace comedy, but the workplace is a superhero arena, and we take that seriously.”

Though the nostalgia quotient should have older geeks squealing, the jaunty tone will put parents at ease. “Frankly, I’m excited to see superheroes back on Saturday mornings,” Krieg says. “There will be a whole generation of kids who should get up and watch TV in their pajamas while eating sugary cereal in front of the tube.”