DC Wedding Rings Now Available

Manly Bands Partners With Warner Bros. Consumer Products To Create a Heroic Collection of Wedding Rings

Today, Manly Bands, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC unveiled the DC collection of wedding rings inspired by DC characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and The Joker. Everyday heroes can now wear their favorite DC Comics character on their finger with this exclusive line of wedding bands, available now only at ManlyBands.com.

Manly Bands is the most popular online wedding ring brand for men and for years has focused on creating wedding bands that go above and beyond the call of duty. Joining new collections inspired by customers’ favorite interests, Manly Bands’ DC Collection is for fans who love DC’s iconic characters. Fans can wear elements of their favorite characters and represent the bond they share with their partner with the following models:

The Superman is designed with one of the world’s most popular Super Heroes in mind. This 8mm wide ring is made of Cobalt Chrome with a Stipple Finish. Featuring his signature colors with a Blue Inlay with a Red Sleeve it is also engraved with the Superman emblem.

The Wonder Woman is a 4mm wide ring, made of Cobalt Chrome with a Distressed Finish. Featuring a 1mm 14k Yellow Gold Inlay paying homage to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and two thin Blue Inlays. Her Red Sleeve is engraved with the Wonder Woman emblem.

The Bruce Wayne is modeled after the eponymous CEO of Wayne Enterprises. This 9mm wide ring is made of Black Zirconium with a Machine Finish. Black Diamonds add to the richness of this ring and it’s finished off with the Bat emblem.

The Flash is an 8mm wide, Black Zirconium, Domed Ring with a machine finish. It features an asymmetrical Red Inlay to represent “The Fastest Man Alive.” The sleeve is 14k Yellow Gold with The Flash emblem engraved inside.

The Aquaman is an 8mm wide Black Zirconium ring with a Bead Finish. The 3mm offset dark Mother of Pearl Inlay, speaks to the sea much like Aquaman himself. It’s finished off with a Green Sleeve and the Aquaman emblem.

The Joker ring is the perfect nemesis to our Bruce Wayne ring. The 8mm wide ring is a domed Black Zirconium ring with a satin finish and Damascus Steel Inlay, with green accents. The Purple Sleeve is finished off with the infamous “HAHAHA” of The Joker.

Michelle Luchese, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Manly Bands said, “DC characters remind us that we all have the potential to be Super Heroes. When we put on a ring that represents the fight for justice, it reminds us that we have the power to change the world even in small ways, everyday.”

“We all want to be the heroes of our own story,” said Manly Bands Co-founder and Co-CEO Johnathan Ruggiero. “But it’s important to remember the help that our partners offer every step of the way. All these Super Heroes work together to save the day, and it’s a reminder to every couple out there who get up every day to support each other to do the right thing.”

The DC Collection launches on the Manly Bands website starting at $595. Each order will receive a complimentary silicone band and free shipping. For more information and to shop this collection, please visit https://manlybands.com/pages/dc-collection.