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Superman: 60 Years a Legend!

[Last updated: July 3, 1998]

This page is dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Superman! Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster created Superman and brought about his 1938 debut within the pages of Action Comics #1. Superman has gone on to become one of the most recognised fictional characters of all time. Between 1938 and 1998 Superman has remaind a popular icon across Comics, Radio, TV, Theatrical plays, Cartoons, Movies, Books, Audio Tapes, Records, CDs, Computer Games and virtually every other entertainment medium you can think of.

In the article below you'll find one fan's views on why Superman appeals to him and also his opinion as to why Superman has endured for so long. During April 1998, I opened up this page to accept submissions from other Superman fans. Below the article, you'll find a vast number of comments sent in by fans of all ages, from all around the world.

Superman: The Appeal of a 60 Year Legend

Superman: 60 years! by Gregory Stevens McNeill (

As everyone gears up for the 60th birthday celebration of Superman beginning with Superman Forever in April, 2 questions were put to me: Why does Superman appeal to me? and; Why does Superman still appeal to people after so long?

My personal opinion? Other than the costume and powers, Superman's appeal lies in his willingness to fight a battle entirely without retreating and his morals.

While growing up, I didn't have too many male role models to look up to so I found one instead. At first, it was Spiderman, the Hulk, Capt. America, and Iron Man. That changed when I first saw Superman on Seasame Street and seeing reruns of the 1950's series starring George Reeves, and my mother buying a copy of a Superman comic in spanish and of the 1st two Superman stories from Action Comics #1 back in 1978.

I didn't have the opportunity to see Christopher Reeve in the original movie back then, but had the chance years later when it was rereleased and first shown on ABC. That film to this day still remains one of my favorite movies.

As for the lasting appeal of Superman, I would say that it's the timeless quality of what both a hero and everyday-people should be like, such as doing the right thing without fame and fortune, standing your moral ground without being afraid and never giving up. To this day, that quality has and still does help me.

We live in a time where some of Superman's contemporaries have followed his lead but not his morals. Some comic creators and artists feel that carrying big guns or having a flashy costume like Spawn's is the new ideal for the next century but I totally disagree with that.

There will always be a need for true heroes as long as we keep that feeling alive. "Heroes" like Spawn act more like the villians than the heroes. True heroes try not to kill but do when its necessary and take no pleasure from it as do comic characters such as Spawn and the Punisher, thinking that it's justice. Realistically, the bad guys do sometimes get away with it, but the heroes have to keep on going after them until justice catches up with them.

Okay Spawn dominates the comic market and is the number one comic book in America but where is he going to be in 10, 20 years from now? Spawn isn't a hero but a warrior and people should remember that. Rather than kill, Superman has a respect for human life even that of his enemies and that quality has gotten Superman respect from around the globe, across generations and racial barriers.

As long as we keep the notion of what a hero is, there will be a need for it and we can be safe in the knowledge that there will still be a positive role model for children to look up to. The late Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster did this. Back in the late 1930's Adolf Hitler had his notion of a Superman, Siegel and Shuster transformed it into a force of good, not evil.

The 21st century is 2 years away, let's make the most of it. Happy birthday Superman, may you go on strong for another 60 years, fighting the neverending battle for truth and justice!

A Follow-up.... regarding Clark Kent

While Superman graced the cover of Action Comics #1, the story opened about Superman growing up with a normal upbringing from foster parents who weren't famous but wanted their adopted child to grow up with values to operate in a complicated world.

Lamont Cranston (The Shadow) and Bruce Wayne (The Batman) are wealthy men, Clark Kent works for a living and is in touch with humanity regardless of his powers. Other than being Superman, Kent loves his job to help others rather than just be concerned about the salary and prestige at his profession.

Clark Kent treats people with respect and deals with the everyday struggles of life such as getting along with people and a relationship with women. Although women adore Superman, Clark Kent is ignored because according to society, he isn't attractive or man enough. Regardless of this, he persued Lois until she was mature enough to realize Clark loved her all these years and that the real Superman is Clark Kent.

Like Superman, Clark Kent reminds us to not give up, but to keep on going. All of us both men and women have Clark Kent in all of us. We should let that out more often without compromising our values. If Superman can stay strong for another 60 years, so can Clark Kent.

60 years!

Other Fans Have Their Say...

Dwain Gleason (
I believe Superman's appeal lies in his purity. "Kingdom Come" said it of Superman's strongest powers is his ability to tell between right and wrong, and with Superman, you always know which side he will end up on. Some heroes may have good intentions but use improper means to achieve them not so with Superman, who will always make certain he walks a straight and narrow path to the proper destination.
In an era marked by anti-heroes being published by every comic company, only Superman (and a small handful of others) can lay claim to being a truly all-around "good guy." Sure, he's a boy scout...but without the boy scouts, who would walk the little old ladies across the street? Without Superman, the comic world would be a far darker place, which may appeal to some...but I believe it's Superman's unquestioned heroism, commitment to good, and unwavering rightness of character that so strongly appeals to the general public. It certainly endears him to me.

Erin Vance - Age: 23 - (
I am a huge Superman fan because I think that his character epitomizes every good quality that we, as humans, have the potential to possess and use. He stands apart from everyone by his strength and heritage, yet he fights for the very things that make all people what we are or can be. He is honorable, courageous, compassionate and dedicated to the highest moral code that exists, that of truth and justice. Although he is just one man, he truly cares for others, and he uses his extraordinary strength to help and to heal, rather than to destroy or kill. I think that Superman encompasses the best attributes of men and he represents the human potential. Also, although he is inherently good and upholds such idealistic facets as compassion and generosity, he is not a pushover or pacifist. So, for these reasons, I think that Superman reflects the best that we could possibly be, and this is why his legacy lives on through the generations!!

Chris Fort - Age: 11 - (
I think Superman is more than just a video game or a movie or a radio show. He's a role model. A hero. A person to look up to. And for that reason alone he truly is Superman.

hips (
Superman remains one of the most popular characters in American culture. I was too young to remember the comic books, but I do remember him from the old '60s cartoon series and the '70s "SuperFriends" series.
But the Superman that has been fixed in my mind (and always will) is the 1978 movie. That one film is a true example of how a comic book legend should be told. In my book, "Superman: The Movie" is the greatest movie ever made.
But then again, the Superman character himself is the best fictional character ever created. He has become a symbol of hope for all of us, maybe that's why he has endured for so long.
Thanks, Superman, for showing us that a man can truly fly.

Brian (
My opinion is that Superman is the ultimate american icon who never quits his battle against all things evil. The Superman Movie is one of the best of all time and it remains one of my all time faverite movies. Christopher Reeve was the perfect Superman. (NOT NICHOLAS CAGE!)

Kim E. Hill (
Superman has been a part of my life 35 years (I am now 40). It was through his comic that my sisters taught me how to read at the age of five. It was the Superman idea of truth, and justice, that I brought myself up in believing in people, my country, and to be a part of what makes this country so great.
I am so glad that DC finally put him back into his traditional outfit and gave him his original powers back because that would be like the United States deciding to replace the American Flag with a different design. The red, white, and blue, has represented the freedoms that we have had for so long, and no other flag could replace the one that so many military men and woman have died for. The Red/Blue Supermen would never be able to replace the man of steel as he has always been, the true champion.
Thank you DC for giving us back the "man of steel!"

Shimon Sieskel - Age: 36 - (
Superman has always been my favorite superhero. My first encounters with him were in summer camp when I was 10 years old. That was back in 1972 I was hooked, from then till now any mention of Superman makes me smile.

Marc A. Cayetano - Age: 28 - (
Superman is the standard by which we, the people as a whole, should strive for. The Man of Steel has upstanding morals which he truly believes in, with an unwaivering faith. He knows the true difference between what is right and what is wrong. The courage, bravery, and strength which he possesess are truly inspirational. Superman "sees" no race, no color, and no gender. He treats others with the proper respect and equality that everyone deserves. It's those qualities and characteristics which Superman possesses that has endured him throughout the years.
Superman has been an inspiration in my life since I was a child. What first appealed him to me was, naturally, the costume and the powers. The man is the most powerful person in the universe. But, one of the characteristics that makes him so distinct is yes, he is the most powerful man in the universe but, yet, his attitude and persona does not reflect that. A man of his power chooses to help people not for his own benefit. That is the true sign of a man. That is the sign of a true hero. He is one of my heroes, my idols, and someone I truly look up to, as everyone should. He is simply...the BEST.

JR Teofisto (
Superman is the BEST there was, the BEST there is, and undoubtedly, the BEST there ever will be. His age just proves that no other super hero can equal him. Heck, everyone just knows Superman, old and young people enjoy his stories, and his fame reaches from America, Europe, and Asia. I only wish that the Superman creators make more exciting stories, and stop mocking him by first, changing his costume in which he looks like a total bummer, and second, by making Superman into SuperMEN. In my opinion, he really looked stupid with his new looks and new powers (no offense, anyone). Revamping comic book characters is healthy, but does a hero like Superman really need one? Thank goodness the Super-team has changed him to his old looks and powers. I just wish Superman the best, and I hope there will not be 60 more years of Superman, but a THOUSAND more!!!!

Carlos Rodriguez - Age: 23 - (
To me, Superman remains a constant in today's world because he continues to represent the hope that all people share. In a time when things seem to have gone astray and violence seems like the only thing that exists in this world, Superman shows us that there is still a chance to be the best you can be and to always keep hope alive. Even when things seem the worse for Superman, he never gives up hope. He is full of determination and confidence and never loses sight of what he has to do. This, to me, is the idea of a role model in its purest form.
Superman came to me in a time when things seemed at their bleakest. Reading Superman showed me that I should never give up fighting the good fight. It's because of this that I will continue to read Superman, and then one day, introduce him to my son.
Happy 60th Superman! Here's to another 60 years of fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

David Hudson, Jr. (
I think that the legend of Superman has endured for 60 years because I, and lots of other people have looked up to him as a very powerful role model. I like Superman a whole lot because I think that he always tries to use his powers to fight for truth, justice, and the American way! That is what I have to say about the 60th anniversary of Superman.

Joshua Kolic (
The key to the longevity and popularity of Superman is, in my eyes, that he represents everything that man strives to be. I am not talking about his amazing superpowers or his flashy costume, but of the way he cares for and helps all people regardless of colour, financial status, or ethnicity. Superman is the pinacle of all that humanity should strive for, to act selflessly in order to aid our fellow man. The character is the ultimate outsider: a man from a far distant world and regardless of this, still cares for and watches over the people in his fictional Metropolis. He even believes that there is goodness within the wretches that he protects his city from and refuses to kill them.
My first exposure to the character was the film Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Although, in retrospect, it was inferior to the first two films, as a child I was transfixed on Christopher Reeve as he portrayed the Man of Steel and saved the Earth from nuclear armageddon and Lex Luthor. He was larger than life, kind and thoughtful to others and for the rest of my childhood, I wanted to be Superman. Superman looks for the best in everyone and I think that it is this attitude, combined with the strong sense of morality instilled into the character that have contributed to his endless appeal.
Happy 60th Superman! Thanks for the memories!

James (
Why has Superman been popular for 60 years? Simple, he is the ultimate role model. He embodies everything good. He is truth and justice.
My love for Superman began in the summer of 1985, when I was 4 (and a half). My parents and I watched "Superman II" on TV. I was blown away. Later that summer we went to our cottage. We stopped at a grocery store and I found a comic book, Superman Annual #11, to be exact. Also that summer I got the SuperPowers Superman action figure. And even to this day I still read/watch/love everything that is

Emilio Ferrandiz (
I was four years old when Superman the movie was released in 1978. My parents did not have much money but they took me and my little brother to watch it. Since then I have been a loyal Superman fan. I have been blessed with the ability to draw and ever since I can remember my favorite subject has been and still is Superman. I am an elementary school teacher and I enjoy seeing how many children admire Superman. Their admiration is reinforced by the many drawings I offer as rewards for their good behavior and good work. My students always tell me I look like Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jean Claude Vandamme but my favorite is when they tell me I look like Superman. I always ask my students if any of them has ever seen Superman slouching. Needless to say my classroom line is the straightest in the school. Superman posseses all the good qualities that we can all aspire to have. His posture, his expression and his demeanor all manifest the discipline and righteousness that although we all know is the right way to be, so many people choose to lead undisciplined and inmoral lives. Yes it is easier to look the other way, dump a baby in the garbage instead of raising it, sit down and eat steak while watching the TV. It takes discipline to raise a child properly. It takes discipline to excercise and work hard. It seems like if everyone is looking for the easy way out. The easy way to make more and more money with less and less work. Superman can easily take over the world and with his power annihilate evil and be the richest most powerful ruler in this world. Superman realizes that he has responsibilities, like it or not. Superman knows the difference between right and wrong and he does right. Superman has a conscience. While other "heroes" or anti heroes, a more appropiate description, won't think twice about killing and using violence as the only means to resolve a situation, Superman is different because he does not adopt the "might makes right" ideology. Superman follows a code of conduct which he stands by, regardless of the dozens of heroes that are latching on to whatever is trendy in any given year. Superman's popularity might be down for a few years then it goes up, down and up again but one things for sure he will always be around as long as their is evil their will always be Superman to show us that there is hope. There is another way of being. A righteous way and although not always trendy if you stand by it and persevere in the face of adversity, you will overcome and still be around at the end when all those trend followers have long been forgotten.

Mike Oliker - Age: 52 - (
Back in the 50s when I was a kid, I joined the "Supermen of America" club that was advertised in Action Comics. And I was a regular viewer of George Reeves in Adventures of Superman. On the button that I got from the SOA club were the words: STRENGTH -- COURAGE -- JUSTICE. And in the intro to the AOS show Jackson Beck (?) always said that Superman stood for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and THE AMERICAN WAY. (Those words are carved into the base of the terrific statue of Superman in Metropolis, Illinois!!) Superman was not just a tough guy who could beat people up he was the personification of ethical ideals. And in the versions of Superman drawn by Wayne Boring in the comics and played by George Reeves on TV, Superman's ethical obligations always took priority over whatever personal desires the character might have had. In the episode called "Panic in the Sky" of AOS, Superman temporarily loses his memory. But when he realizes that HE (and ONLY he!) has the power to save the world from the approaching meteor (asteroid?) he quickly concludes that he MUST ACT! That episode defines what a hero is! And a person with the power and the obligation to devote his LIFE to heroism is a model of a SUPERHERO! The version of the character as done by Chris Reeve who is willing to give up his powers and his obligations for an evening of romance, is NOT a hero -- merely an ordinary man with extraordinary powers. The version of the character that is currently appearing on the TV cartoons hints at a possible return to the more heroic version.
My view is that the lasting appeal of Superman is that he can educate us as to what a hero is and what a hero's ethical obligations are. Obviously, we should not expect ourselves or our friends to be heroes 24 hours a day (only a SUPERHERO can do that!) but we should have access in our minds to ideals that may occasionally inspire us to actually DO THE RIGHT THING!! A familiarity with the actions of superheroes and their REASONS for their actions can serve as a necessary part of moral education. We live in an age of cynicism where the very idea of a hero tends to be mocked and ridiculed and an actor who plays the part of a superhero may be attacked by violent children (this actually HAPPENED to George Reeves!). I would argue that parents and educators should be teaching children about the ideal of heroism and that Superman continues to be a model that can be used for that purpose.

Mike Miller - Age: 42 - (
One Saturday, I saw on TV at the YMCA, an episode of "The Adventure of Superman". I got hooked on the fantasy and the escape a comic book hero can create. This led me to collecting Superman and Batman items throughout the years and still to this day, I escape with Superman - a hero of all ages and of all time.

Derek Rairdon - Age: 27 - (
Hey I just think that it's great that Superman is back to his old self! It was a pleasure to write a story about Superman coming back and all (see DC HQ's Journal).
May Superman from this day forth never change, and maybe DC will get the hint not to mess with an American icon! Maybe they will start revamping the villains instead!?
To Superman: Thanks for all the great adventures and may you always stay true to yourself.
To DC Comics: Please don't mess with Superman again! Maybe by now you will have learned your lesson.

George O'Connor - Age: 15 - (
Superman's a great hero! The idealized hero. The one that if you wanted someone to protect you or watch over you, he would be your first pick. I mean, who wants someone as scary and mean as the Batman, or as goofy and sarcastic as the Flash? I would want someone who cares for everyone, who's powerful and can't be defeated, and is most of all: GOOD. In everyway, Superman's a true hero that fights for truth and justice, who will never take a life unless absolutely, beyond a shadow of doubt, necessary. This is what defines a true hero and Superman with his wide array of super powers due to his Kryptonian heritage and his large heart due to his Earth heritage make him the candidate for one of the nicest, friendliest, and greatest heroes to ever be created in all of literature.

AJ - Age: 18 - (
The big guy rules because he makes us believe that we can fly.

Pablo D. Gonzalez - Age: 22 - (
For the past decade and a half I have been reading Superman comics. My father before me read them when he was a kid and he told me once that his father introduced him to Superman comics. I was born and raised in Canada, my father and Grandfather in Uruguay, South America.
I wonder time and time again why is it that no matter what the location is, Superman continues. On and on through the decades. Not only comic books, but TV shows, Movies, action figures, clothes, bed sheets, etc.
When Superman was started in Action Comics #1 (Cover date June, 1938). Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were making more than a Superhero. Most of you are thinking that I'm going to write the usual "they were making a legend". No. They weren't. Superman became a legend later on. What Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were making, was a dream.
We've all dreamed of being more than we are. To be able to run faster, be stronger, think smarter. In essence, be better people. But no matter what we do we never get to where we want to. Mr. Siegel and Mr. Schuster were creating a dream that we've all had. They weren't the first to have the dream, and you reading this won't be the last. But they had the idea to make it real!!
Superman was what we all wanted to be. The best, the strongest, the fastest. Whenever we placed ourselves beside his image we saw that we weren't doing enough, so we did more.
So, back to my original question. Why has Superman lasted these 6 decades?? You might as well ask why we were put on this planet. We were put here for one simple and yet inexorable reason: To Strive for the Infinite.
To try to be the best of the best. Superman is that infinite. What we all want to be, he is the hopes, dreams, and wishes of every person on the planet, no matter if she/he never heard of Superman. We all want to be better people. We want to help. Superman does.
There may come a time in the future when Superman will just fade away. I will not be alive at this point, nor will my children be, nor their children. The time when we do not need Superman as a role model (YES NEED!!!) is the time when we have either achieved perfection (doubtful), or we have sunk to the lowest depravities (doubtful as well). Both of these ideas are extremes, that I personally believe we will never achieve, but one of them may come about in time. It may be centuries or millenia or eons, but it may come.
Two young men, 60 years ago, described the situation humanity is in. It is a "neverending battle for truth, justice and the American way". It is no longer just the American way, but the Terran way. It *is* a neverending battle that we can never stop fighting. There is hope, though. It comes in the form of a red cape, blue tights and a red and yellow S shield. We can win. We will win, but only because we want to win.
But in the end, as always, we will win. Why? Because forever more "This looks like a job for SUPERMAN!!!!!!!"
Happy 60th Birthday Superman. Your Legacy, your Legend, and your Hope will live on!!

Jay Erwin-Grotsky - Age: 42 1/2 - (
Superman at 60 remains the greatest of all heros. He represents all the best in humanity. As a child, I felt like an alien. Here is a man, and also as Superboy, a boy who is indeed an alien. As Clark, he was alienated from "the guys" because he was so "mild-mannered." Yet in reality he had greater power than any of the others. As a kid, that really appealed to me. So, why now at almost 43 am I still addicted? I love the measure of the man. In his current incarnation, Clark is a whole and complete person unto himself, and it is the Superman aspect he must learn to accept and accomodate. It is a reflection of how we all must learn to discover our power(s) and find a way to express that power in our lives. Superman's struggle to do that which is right, for himself and for the world is representative of our struggle to do the same for ourselves.
Besides, they just tell plain, good stories. Here's to the next 60 years!

Ben Heckel - Age: 7 1/2 - (
Oh man, I'm almost speechless. I think that Superman is a good-hearted, clean-minded, best-friend to me. He doesn't act like the dork that Batman and Flash are. He's got a great symbol (Ya don't mess with the S!), he's got the great powers of super-speed, super-inteligence, super-breath, super-strength, heat-vision, telescopic vision and x-ray vision and I think that they should've left him the way he was, but they didn't, but I sure am glad that they made him back into the great guy he used to be in Superman Forever instead of keeping him pure energy, with warp or whatever you all it, etc. I don't get any comics because I have a very small allowance, but I check out comics at my cousin's house. I love the current animated series and I can't wait for new episodes. GO BIG S!

Brett Green - Age: 17 - (email withheld)
Superman. What can you say about a man that's out of this world. Superman is the biggest superhero we've ever had. He is the ultimate icon. I admire how the artists and writers have made him into a moral person, a person who is willing to uphold all that's good. That, and his amazing powers and envious looks, are what have drawn me to him. Happy birthday, Superman!

Dan Henschel - Age: 28 - (
For me, what defines Superman is not his powee, but his motivation. He's not dirven by vengance (Batman), or guilt (Spiderman). He doesn't have an industrial empire to protect (Iron Man), or an oath to defend his country (Captain America). Superman does what is right, simply because it is right, and because he can. Spiderman's motto, "With great power comes great responsibility," comes close, but I don't think Superman thinks in terms of it being his responsibility to help others, just that helping is the right thing to do. As Big Blue said in Kingdom Come, "There is a right and a wrong in the universe, and the distinction isn't hard to make."

Ivan Noboa Tapia - Age: almost 40 - (
In the middle of the 60's, a little boy (me) learnead to read. The first word that he could read, other than the reading book was this "Superman", you will never imagine the happines that this encounter made me feel. Atleast, my father was free of reading me the comic books. Since that day I've read hundreds of Superman and other heroes adventures, but never has there been another like him, the one and only Man of Steel. As a poor boy I couldn't buy the comic, but here in Ecuador by (at that time) 1 cent of a dollar you can borrow the comic by a little time to read (the comic cost was 15 cents of a dollar). That was the window to a new world, a world where a little and weak boy could be the greatest hero in the world. After 60 years this still is all kids' fantsy. Thanks Superman, reading your comics I get a great love for reading, your pages were the way to forget the sad life of a poor boy without friends, at a time where television was made only for rich people. Long live Superman!

Josh Grayson -
Superman, the last son of Krypton. Everybody before me has summed up his greatness far better than I could, he is a champion and he brings out the best in us all. Something lights up in the eyes of millions when that familar S is in view. Superman has entertained us and has been our role model for 60 years. Here is to you Superman, our hero and our friend.

Ameerali A. - Age: 47 - (
Thank you for this oppurtunity to give my thoughts about Superman. He is indeed a hero and role model that I can look up. His sense of justice and fairplay are his awareness of his responsibilities are things that no other heroes can match up to. Above all, I admire his high regard and value for life even non human life. He would never (well only once but never again) extinguish a life as he sees life as something so sacred that even he has no right to take away no matter how evil or dangerous the possesser of the life is. I am inclined to believe that even if a villian were to take the lives of the Kents and Lois, Superman would still not think of taking the life of the villian in revenge. It is this quality, rather than his super-powers that make seperate him from ordinary people like us. My best regards to all Superman fans and special thanks to Steven Younis who has done such a marvellous job in maintaining the Superman Homepage. Thanks again.

Karl Evangelista - (
Unlike some fans, who think Superman has been treated unfairly (he's been killed, power-changed, split apart, etc.) I think that DC has done a good job with the Man of Steel the past 60 years. Yes, they've had him beaten to death by a spiked supermonster, had his power changed from what we know and love, and even made that case worse by splitting him apart, but they've succeded in something besides "pissing off the fans". No, they've made us care. When Superman died, the news was all over almost every form of media. When his costume changed, it happened again. I believe his lasting power comes from the fact that we care about Superman. If some new-fangled, glowy-eyed, 5 mile long cape, demon superhero (not to name names) "died", then the world wouldn't react in the same way it does when someone kills Superman. He's not only a comic character now, he's an American icon. I'll bet when something happens to Superman all of America will respond. The impact of his death was so large, that if anyone messes with the Man of Steel, you'll bet the billions of Superman fans out there will be down DC's throat. And that's because we care.

Neil Hansen - Age: 37 - (
Superman has been helpful in his own way to me throughout the years. I became hooked on comics through the New Adventures of Superman Filmation cartoon on CBS-TV's saturday morning premiere line-up. Folllowing this, I read comics throughout the years, all throughout being an avid Superman fan. I co-produced two issues of a fanzine, the first issue spotlighting Curt Swan. That began a 15 year friendship. That led to Krause publications hiring myself and otheres to produce the first issue of Comic Collector spotlighting who else Superman featuring interviews with Dick Giordano and Curt. Curt was such a gentleman. He really epitomized why Superman was so human during his work on the character. Intentionally or not, he put a lot of himself into the work. Curt, like the big red S was gracious and humble to his fans. A true gentleman. Later on, when I did Comics Values Monthly as a managing editor, we in the press all knew about the plan. I asked Patty Jeres over at DC if we could cover the issue. As we were working on it, the news broke out nationally. (Incidentally, during this time I was pursuing a degree in illustration and actually earned it.) Unintentionally, I was in the middle of a press maelstrom and I was the only guy in the comics press that had access to this stuff. It led to an all-Superman issue which covered Superman past and present. It gave me an excuse to interview Curt yet again (for his unfortunate last interview in the trades), John Byrne, Marv Wolfman and all those DC guys responsible for killing the Man of Steel. (I kept in touch with Curt throughout the years.) That particular issue was one of my proudest achievements cramming more information about him in a magazine format then I had ever seen previously, covering not only comics, but TV and movies as well. Being a fan of the Man of Steel also kept me an honest guy. I'd never want to do anything to shame the comics business or the big Red S.
Yes, I'm proud to be a fan, but I owe him a lot personally for introducing me to the wacky, wonderful world of comics.
Thanks, Superman. You'd better stay around at least in my lifetime and beyond. I'm going to need something to read when I'm old and crotchedy.

Greg - Age: 29 - (
Superman has been my idol since I was a child. The scene in Superman 1, when he caught Lois falling from the helicopter and then catching it is still my favorite scene in movies. Everything he stands for, his willingness to put others first, willing to die to save lives of people he doesn't even know. More parents should buy their children superman comics as an example rather than these ridiculously overpaid and mostly felonious sports figures! He is the ultimate superhero, it's only right he is the leader of the JLA, but all heroes in the world! Long live the greatest hero ever, they can change his powers and his costume but when it comes down to it, one will stand above the rest, and only one will stand alone! SUPERMAN!
P.S., you dont mess with the S!

Edgar Torres - Age: 32 - (
When my older brother started reading to me when I was 3 years old, the first thing he read to me was a Superman comic. After I learned how to read for myself, I turned to those familiar pages to lose myself in the exploits of a good and honourable man, who protects his adopted homeworld from every menace big and small. A man who was raised by parents who were good and hard working, instilling in their son a sense of morals and fair play. As I grew older, I tried to take what I learned from reading those comics into the real world and they've served me well for the most part. For all the power that Superman possesses, he's still a human being and I think that is at the core of his popularity. He strives to make the world a better place, despite overwhelming odds to the contrary. In a world where kids revel in the exploits of ultra violent heroes, where everyone is reduced to their most common denominator, here is a hero whose motivations are only fair play and decency. Doing what's right just for the sake of it being the right thing to do. Whose ulterior motive is his love of humanity and even though he was born an alien, he showed us what it was like to be human. I think that is something that we all should strive to attain. Happy Anniversary Superman! From one of your biggest fans....

Tony Lloyd - Age: 38 - (
I've been a Superman fan for nigh on 30 years. Stopped buying the comics whilst in University and have regretted it ever since. A student-teacher in my class a few years back was an avid fan, and I've restarted my collection. I've been so fortunate, in that I've spent the last couple of summers in the States and going through old comic shops in Britain, picking up 100 at a time sometimes. Now I've almost completed those missing years in the 1970s and 1980s, and thrill at reading about the pre-1986 Superman. It has never lost its appeal and awe for me. I know it's all about truth, justice and the American way, but I love the Internationalism of Supe's appeal (even though he's been to England and Scotland), though I wish he'd visit Wales.
I eagerly anticipate the 'new' twists and turns in his life and thrive on the challenge of finding those missing Action Comics, Superman Comics and Adventure Comics from years gone by. What a treasure hunt. This year we're visiting the west coast.

David Lloyd - Age: 12 - (
My dad's already written to you. But he didn't tell you that he hated reading in school, but learnt to love reading through his favourite hero in the colourful Superman comics. I've also been called a reluctant reader and now my dad takes me to the comic shop on Saturdays and there he buys really old ones, whenever he can, and I buy the new ones Superman, Superboy and Robin, and I've learnt to love reading.

The Princess - Age: 28 - (
Superman and Elvis Presley have one thing in common... BOTH ARE KINGS. I just wish the KING OF SUPERHEROES could sing just like the KING OF ROCK 'N' ROLL :)
Seriously, I've been a Superman fan for almost 27 years now and as we all know, NOBODY, as in N-O-B-O-D-Y can beat this guy (with HUGE apologies to Lexie baby).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clark!! If there's to be a big celebration, don't forget to invite this red-haired friend of yours) (huggggggggsssssssss)

Tim Adams - Age: 18 - (
I think Alan Moore wrote of Superman best ..."a perfect man who came from the sky and did only good." What more can be said of someone so innately right? Here's to you, Superman. Happy 60th.

Alexander Ilg - Age: 22 - (
Here in germany, where I live, Superman is published by "Dino Comics". DC voted "Dino" to be the best forgein Superman-publisher. Right now we are short before the "Final Night" Story line. All german fans are waiting for the "new" Superman to appere in our Comics. In germany normaly only 36 US-issues of Superman comes to the shop's every year, that's why this year the first "Time-Warp" happend here. 12 US-issues where released in one box. That's the only way we will ever come to the present of Superman. We can buy US-Comics here too, but they are very expensive. The Dino-Comics are the best german Superman Comics of all times.
Please excuse my broken english... :-)

Carlos Ledezma Valdepena - Age: 27 - (
Superman is the best hero. He fights for all the people, the rich, the poor, the black, the white, the latin, etc. He's the kind of hero who a lot of heroes use as their inspiration. When Superman died I felt alone because the other heroes couldn't fill the emptiness of my feelings. I love the changes in the life of Superman like Superman & Clark Kent. I enjoy reading the comic books of Superman since 1986. Superman Forever was a very good book, the best for the 60th anniversary of Superman.

Stephen Lilley - (
I have been reading Superman since I was little. I can still remember the first time I ever saw a Superman comic. But what got me turned on to him was a 12 inch Superman doll I saw when I was like 5 or 4. I have been amazed ever since. I can still remember how sad I was when the papers said Superman was dead. I can still remember how happy I was when the papers said that Superman came back from the dead. I have had alot of Superman memories. Not all things last forever in life, but I know one thing that will. My love for Superman.

Shawn Meunier - Age: 21 - (
When people ask me why I have a Superman tattoo (or why he means so much to me), I have to give them a number of explanations. The first and foremost, is that when I was very young I would dress up as him all the time and entertain family and friends. I honestly believe it was Superman who influenced me to do what I do today... I am presently in the acting programme at the U of Windsor (Ontario, Canada). Superman stimulated my imagination, brought me into the world of make believe, opened my eyes to my dream, and I've been flying ever since.

Rich - (
I think that Superman's popularity is pretty simple. First of all, he instills all that we wish we could be. There are so many other superheroes in the world with their own unique array of powers, but Superman gives you the complete package. He can top any other character, because it is just fun to imagine someone with his powers. Sure Flash can run like the speed of light, but can he fly? Secondly, Superman's origin is one of brilliant literary writing. His backround from the planet Krypton, as sole survivor of a dead race and all the rest that goes with that story is among the most famous and fascinating of all time, ranking just up with mythology. Few Superheroes have that kind of backround that would transcend the comic book world and seem more like legend. I can name a few, like Batman and Wonder Woman whose origin are very well done, but Superman's is one that takes place in the vastness of space, giving it a sense of awe and wonder. Lastly, Superman does his duty because he wants to. Anyone with his powers could easily overpower his enemies and get what he wants, but by choice Superman uses his God-given powers for "truth, justice, and the American way."
Although I think that these are the immediate reasons, for me the character of Superman will never grow old. For those who understand, Superman has transported me into his world, whether it be comic book or TV show or movies, and it's just been a lot of fun meeting his world, his friends, Lois, Perry Jimmy, and even his enemies. Those things, like his costume and his typical battles against evil make it all the more fun. My first introduction into the Superman world was when I was 6 years old. Superman II was on HBO and my uncle made me watch it as a punishment. So I watched it and I was hooked. Not long after I had forced my uncle into renting all the other Superman movies and from then on I have been a Superman fan. He's provided me for most of the fun in my childhood (running around with a cape and a funny hairdo) and it's still been fun learning about him. Here's to another 60 years.

Mike Rehor - Age: 20 - (
Superman is perhaps one of the greatest heroes put out by DC Comics and I for one am glad to see him back in his old blue and red. The very image of the big S envokes pride and respect in Kal and I wish him another 60 years.

Beau Landaiche - Age: 19 - (
As a child, I was first exposed to Superman through the 1978 classic movie. Back then, I thought it was just the coolest thing to see a man fly. As I grew, I started to collect the comics. As an adult, I am still fascinated by the modern-day legend. I think that the reason Superman has endured for the past 60 years is in truth a simple one. Superman is at the very core a man like us. A man who has hopes and fears and love, like the rest of us. True, he is a superhuman being not from this world. However, the reason why so many of us like Superman is that at the very core he's still the same Kansas farmboy that just wants to help out the rest of us now and then. Superman is someone we can identify with, not for the super but for the man.

Jessica - Age: 12 - (
I think that Superman is the greatest hero of all. He leads two different lives and still managed to get married. Lois, however, it came as a shock to her and she tried not to start a fight but still she was mad that she had acted so diffrent to Superman than Clark and never even thought that Clark was Superman. In the end they finally got married but had to deal with clones, Lord Nor, and about every criminal on the planet. They still love each other through it all. So I think that superman is the greatest hero of all.

Neil Blumengarten - Age: 19 - (
If you want to know why I consider Superman my favorite superhero, look at Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite and Final Night, even powerless, Superman continued to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American way. Look at Superman #75, he gave his all to save so many lives and yet had the courage to face Doomsday yet again a few years later. Though he has considerable strenght, he prefers brain over brawn. He is the quintessential hero and is totally and without a doubt THE best example of what one man can do.

Carl Bird - Age: 15 - (
Wow! Sixty years. Suprman is an icon of the American dream, and I am glad that there are characters like him to influence young kids to do other stuff rather than violence. I have been colecting Superman memorabelia and comics ever since the Doomsday story-line in 1993, and love everything about it.

Ethan Warner - (
In my opinion the greatest Superman was of the silver age. Although I wasn't alive then I collect many old issues from then. It showed a more majestic Superman who did good deeds not just by bashing villians but by doing super feats for charity auctions and things like that. Sure it was a little silly but it was fun and very entertaining.

Keisha Namba - Age: 16 - (
I have always loved Superman ever since I was very little. Ever since I saw one of the shows I have always wanted to be like Superman. It amazed me that one man could be so powerful. I have a ton of Superman action figures all over my room. People always ask me why I like him so much, but all I have to say is what is there not to like about him.

Ricky Lamont - Age: 27 - (
June 1938. I wasn't alive back then. Heck my grandfather was about 9 years old, but that is when two teenage boys brought us a pop icon. A man from another planet. Over the years he has changed, but superman I'm glad you stay true to the fans. 60 years you have been here. I pray to see you be 100.

David Elliott - Age: 32 - (
Superman has gone through a lot of changes through the years, but he has always remained the greatest of all heroes. Even now, when it seems every other person in comics has powers and a costume, Superman still rises above the rest. Why? Because, even though he is an alien, he's very human. Superman cares more than most earthlings do for the people he protects. He, unlike a lot of "anti-heroes", would never kill or even harm his worst enemy. Although I don't like all of the changes DC made since the Crisis, I am glad they didn't totally reinvent Superman as an all powerful, omniscient demi-god. Superman is just that, a super man.

Gerald Reiner - Age: 45 - (
Sixty years ago "that strange visitor from another planet" entered the American vocabulary in stark contrast to the other supermen of the time. We often forget that our beloved Superman stood in direct contrast to the fascist imagery of might making right. The last Son of Krypton had "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men" yet used these powers for truth and justice rather than conquest and subjugation. It was only in my own manhood that I realized the profound impact this simple fictional character had on my life. Concepts of decency, fairplay, honesty, were all gently conveyed by the exploits of my childhood hero. Superman protected little guys like me until I was old enough to protect my own little guys and pass on the legend. My children know the truth. That other heroes must measure up to Superman. That the unsung heroes in the saga were Ma and Pa Kent who loved their son and cared for him and taught him right from wrong. And that when Doomsday threatened the world, Superman, in the ultimate act of heroism laid down his life for his friends. My children knew that their father was truly upset by that story but in my heart of hearts I knew that whatever the circumstances even Death itself could not defeat the Man of Steel. It this barbaric age of money and greed and cruelty, we need the simple virtues of Superman to set things right again. Superman reminds us of how good we can be and I think it is why the character has survived for 60 years despite kryptonite (in all its shades), Lex Luthor, and the confused souls at DC that tried to "update" him. Superman will be here for as long as idealistic little boys will carry the legend with them in their hearts for generations to come. I once heard Christopher Reeve describe Superman as the American Icon. And Icons are for all times.

Luis Felipe Rodriguez - Age: 21 - (
When I was a kid I saw for the first time a Superman Cartoon and I was impressed by him. Later I saw the movies, the comic books, and many more super-stuff, then I decided that I wanted to be Superman, but there was a problem, I was born on earth, I am not a Kryptonian, so I don't have any super powers, can't fly, don't have x-ray vision and bullets can surely hurt me. But there was something that I could do to be Superman, I can try to live by his ideals, always do the right thing, never give up and do my best to help others. A hero is not someone who has powers, a REAL HERO is someone who helps other people without giving importance to the cost and not expecting to get something back, with the exception of knowing that you made something good for someone. The "Super" in Superman does not refers to superpowers, it refers to Super Ideals and Super deeds. So then Everyday of my life I try to be "Superman", not in powers, just in actions. Happy 60th. Supes, go on and keep showing us what a Hero is supposed to be.

Serpent - (
I would like to add my 2 cents as to Superman's eternal appeal. Basically Superman fights crime, protects the innocent and weak, upholds the good, and saves lives not because he has to do it, but rather because it's the right thing to do. Superman (Clark), as stated several times in the comics, is really just an overgrown farm boy, who still believes that life is sacred, and that there is intrinsic good within everyone. This may all sound a little passe, especially to a more jaded public, especially younger folk weaned on psycho "heroes" like Spawn and the Punisher, but I think actually Superman is more like a 'breath of fresh air' today than he ever was.

Adam Friese - Age: 20 - (
I think the reason Superman is so popular is not because of his cool costume or his powers, but because he stands for truth and justice and defends all from oppression. And for what? Not personal gain, but the mere fact that he loves everyone. Superman is the ultimate incarnation of the proverbial "messiah". He is the cornerstone of integrity and honesty and he provides a positive example for all the world to follow.
I never really got into collecting the comic books but I've seen all the movies many times over and happened to catch several of the newer cartoon episodes too... But I must say that in a world where superheroes are a dime a dozen, Superman will always stand out from among them all.

Joe Crouse - Age: 24 - (
I just wanted to say that Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. Here's to you man.

Bingham Bache - Age: 59 - (
I believe I may be the only one among you who was born in June, 1938. Superman and I started out together and have been linked ever since. The only problem is I have noticed that I have gotten older and he hasn't. But isn't that one of the things that worried Lois on Lois & Clark? Lois, Perry, Jimmy and the gang haven't aged either. Just me. I do believe he will outlast me.
When I was growing up, Superman was the greatest of the Super Heroes. He was on the radio (Bud Collyer) as well as in some newspapers along with comic books. What a thrill when George Reeves took Superman to TV! I also saw his movie "Superman and the Mole Men" in the Theatre. Max Fleisher's animated cartoons also came out during the forties. I loved seeing Superman in action. Many a time when I was growing up did I don a small cape (blanket) and became Superman.
Later, when Christopher Reeve became Superman in the movies, I took all my children to see them all. By the way, there was no such thing as a bad one! All Christopher had to do was don the blue and red a few times and I was mesmerized. He certainly made the role real for me. I also subscribed for all my four boys to the Superman comic books. I admit that I read them all myself when they got thru. In those days, however, it was not cool for Dad to read comic books. Now it is ok and I subscribe for myself. Or at least I am old enough that I don't care what anyone else thinks. I see some long term comic fans in the comic shop, too, though.
I was devastated when they changed Superman. I wrote DC a letter of protest. It took a while, but they got the message, didn't they? Thank goodness we are back to the tradition of almost 60 years. I am kind of glad the new movie is on hold, too. I cannot quite get comfortable with Nicholas Cage as the big guy.
What makes the Man of Steel so attractive? I think it is because he is what we all secretly dream of being. Powerful. Able to fly. Able to see through walls. Able to time travel and travel in space. Capable of diving through the oceans and even the earth itself. Possessed of morals that mortals can only dream of. Did I mention good looking? And how about that build? Without working out, also.
All the Super Heroes have something going for them. But, none have it all except Superman. Long live the Man of Tomorrow in his blue and red costurme which is the place for the big 'S' on his chest and cape!

Thomas B. Holladay, III - Age: 26 - (
He is the greatest hero of all time, I'm happy that he has returned to his traditional uniform. I hope DC knows how much us Superman fans appreciate this one and only spirit of truth and justice for all mankind. I beg you please never change him again, for the sake of future generations let there be a man who is unique above all the rest. I hope the new movie succeed like the comics, we will have faith in you to do the superright thing, that is let Superman be himself. Let's do the right thing, let's welcome home a tradition of sacrifice, perserverance, indomitable spirit, integrity, morality, and above all justice. Thanks for the legend of Superman!

Dave Marshall - Age: 28 - (
When I was a kid buying comic books was the highlight of mine and my brother's week. We'd get the ususal, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Hulk, etc., etc.. Then, inevitably, I grew up, or at least I think I did. Comic books were pushed aside as childish things never to be looked at again. Well, I bought that theory until I was 16, then I realized comic books were not something to be thought of as childish and inane, but something to learn from, expand your mind with and be entertained like no other medium can. Since then I have been collecting non-stop.
In the beginning I collected anything and everything coming down the pike, you name it I bought it. Everything except for Superman. I was hooked into Batman in 1989 when the first movie came out, suddenly I was the hugest Batman fan of them all, until I had a moment of clarity. I quickly remembered the hero I most wanted to be when I was a kid and the one I still want to be today, Superman.
Superman was the best, he could fly, he was strong, he was invulnerable and he always did the right thing. How can you not respect that? Superman symbolizes an ideal for everybody, if anything in my life ever comes true, I would like to be half the man the man of steel is.
You know my brother may have outgrown Superman, but I don't think I ever can.

Idris El-Mahdi - Age: 29 - (
I have been reading Superman for more than 20 years. I think the most appealing thing about Superman is that he is an alien. Although through the years characters have been created in his image, he is still unique.

Don Gallerani - Age: 43 - (
Superman represents to me what every moral person would love to be with his incredible powers. Admit it. Whenever you see injustice, or helpless victims in natural disasters lose their homes or loved ones, or criminals thumb their nose at the justice system and get away with cheating society, who amongst us reading these comments, wouldn't love to don the cape, and right the wrong ourself, immediantly. Superman has done just that for 60 years. Kal-el of Krypton gets involved, he makes a difference. Superman has inspired a little bit of all of us. Our police, firemen, emergency response workers, doctors, nurses, our military and hard-working mothers and fathers believe in the values that Superman has demonstrated for years. I was hospitalized before my teens and got through my illness with loads of Superman Comics (which started a love of reading, more so than my school books) and the Adventures of Superman series on TV. I left my wheelchair... and eventually made the school cross country team, thanks Superman. I'm glad the original Superman is back!! DC wised up. I was lucky to be on the set of 'Superman the Movie' when they filmed in Manhatten, the 'boatload of criminals, in front of Police Headquarters scene'. A true highlight in my life. Live long and prosper Superman!

Emery Pigg - Age: 5 1/2 - (
Superman's cool because he flies, he can break walls, he has super muscles and he always does what's right. Sometimes he has assistance from Supergirl and the other Super Friends. I like having heroes on TV that do the good and right thing in all situations. Mom and Dad don't have to worry about what I'm watching on TV that way.
Happy Birthday, Superman, because you're SUPER COOL with SUPER COOL powers, and it's SUPER COOL to have you on TV!!!
[With help from Mom.]

Darrin - Age: 32 - (ABRONCO@AOL.COM)
Well, I can never forget going to see Superman: The Movie with my father way back, it was even better than I thought it was going to be. After reading Superman Comic books for years, I finally got to see him on the big screen, and it was fantastic!! I still get goosebumps at the end when he says to the warden of the prison that he just dropped Lex off at:
"No sir, don't thank me Warden, we're all part of the same team." It's great!

Ed Chargualaf - Age: 27 - (
Superman is more than a comic book character. Superman is a positive role model - a rare thing to find today. Not everything is about money, power or prestige. There's something more than that. Superman shows that no matter what the odds are, how overpowered you are, or how dismal things may seem, there is always a way.
Happy Birthday, Superman. See you in the next century...

Josh Easily - Age: 18 - (
Why is Superman so popular after all these years? I think it is because he gives an idealistic, if not patriotic, view of the American way. He is an icon. He not only fights for truth justice and the American way, he stands for it. Superman is a symbol of everything we try to be. Why do people all around the world like Superman...? Because Truth, justice, and honor appeals to every human being. We can't help but to admire these virtues. That is why Superman will be around for 60 more years and longer.

Mad Acad - Age: 16 - (
I think everyone loves Superman because there's nothing he can't do. Except see though lead.

Aaron D. Bobbitt - Age: 19 - (
For many years now, I have been an avid fan/collector of Superman. Why did I choose him over all the other characters of DC, Marvel, etc? One reason. Because of the motto he stands by and respects with all his dignity: Truth, Justice, and the American way. Even though he began as a visitor on Earth, he now is considered a national hero and icon by everyone of all ages. He has truly earned his respect by everyone. With all those incredible powers, and the weight of the world on his shoulders at all times, he chooses to do the right thing no matter what the circumstances or consequences of losing his life. Superman, Happy 60th!!!

Great Rao - Age: Over 21 - (email address withheld on request)
I've been a fan of Superman for my entire life. I've loved every incarnation - the comic books, the newspaper strips, all the cartoons, the George Reeves TV series, the Christopher Reeve movies, the novels - and I still love them all. I especially want to thank a small few of the many brilliant visionaries who have added to the Superman mythos over the decades: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, George Lowther, Max & Dave Fleischer, Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Wayne Boring, Mort Weisinger, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Julie Schwartz, Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin, and Christopher Reeve. Superman may have been created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster back in 1938, but he is truely timeless. In a sense, he has always been here and he will continue to be with us forever, inspiring us in our journey to the next millenium and beyond. The legend has only just begun.

Gary A. Valenzuela - Age: 38
My first memories about Superman come from my childhood, as my father loved Superman. Initially he taught me the basics about the story and origins of Superman. In my early years, I used to read a wide range of comics, but the best for me, were the stories about Clark Kent/Superman. Unfortunately with the erruption of TV here in Bolivia, the comics suffered a long time vanishing, but I remain loyal to the figure of the global icon: Superman.
Recently I rediscovered the comics, and I am not ashamed to say my workmates, relatives, friends and anyone that I could tell, about my passion for the Last Son of Krypton. He is the first, the best, and the most known hero of our world.
Yeah, the other people look at me in strange ways, that I think they are saying: "what a crazy man! Still reading comics! and at his age!". They don't really know what they're are missing.
I know that all Superman can do is for good. I get angry wen he can't get rid of those mortal aliens, but then I remember that killing is not the first thought for Superman. And I hope he keeps his moral high for as long as he lives (I hope he will live, as long humankind lives).
At last a plea: Tim Burton directing a Superman Movie: NOOO!!! Nicholas Cage acting as Superman: NOOO!!!