• Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1 [Paperback]

    by Sterling Gates (Author)

    Kara Zor-El escaped the destruction of her home planet Krypton, but on the way to Earth, her ship took a years-long detour. Taken in by the loving Danvers family upon her arrival, she’s been taught to keep her incredible powers a secret. But with her cousin Superman winning hearts and saving lives all over the world, Kara can’t keep the secret forever – not when her powers are the only thing that can save the people and the city she loves. Now she’s taken to the skies above National City as Earth’s newest superhero, but sinister forces, both human and alien, want to ground her for good. Who will take a stand to save her family, friends and her adopted planet from the forces of evil? This looks like a job for…Supergirl!

    Reprints: Adventures of Supergirl #1-6

    Paperback: 144 pages

    Publisher: DC Comics

    (September 27, 2016)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 1401262651