Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman – The Mysterious Envelope (Chapter 3)

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman

Chapter 3: Uncovering Clues

Clark and Lois decided to start by discreetly interviewing their colleagues around the newsroom. After all, someone might have seen or heard something that could shed light on the mysterious message.

They began by approaching Jimmy Olsen, the eager and tech-savvy photographer. “Hey, Jimmy,” Clark began casually, “have you noticed anything unusual around here lately? Maybe someone acting a bit odd?”

Jimmy looked up from his computer screen, his face lighting up at the chance to contribute. “Actually, now that you mention it, I did see something a little strange a few days ago. There was this guy I’ve never seen before, just sort of hanging around the lobby. He seemed like he was waiting for someone, but he left before I could get a good look.”

Lois exchanged a knowing look with Clark. “Interesting. Do you remember anything about what he looked like?”

Jimmy scratched his head. “Not much, unfortunately. He was wearing a hat and sunglasses, so it was hard to make out his features. But he seemed kind of… fidgety.”

“That’s a start,” Clark said. “Thanks, Jimmy. If you see anything else unusual, let us know.”

Next, they approached Perry White, the no-nonsense editor-in-chief. “Perry, have you heard anything about strange occurrences or rumors in the city recently?” Lois asked.

Perry leaned back in his chair, stroking his chin thoughtfully. “Well, there have been a few reports of minor thefts and vandalism, but nothing out of the ordinary for a big city like Metropolis. Why? You two sniffing out a new story?”

“Something like that,” Clark replied. “Just trying to stay ahead of the curve.”

After talking to a few more colleagues and receiving some similar responses, Clark and Lois reconvened at their desks. Lois tapped her lip with her pen. “So, it seems like this mysterious person might be connected to something happening in the city. Maybe they’re leaving messages for others too.”

Clark nodded. “And it could be related to the recent minor crimes. Maybe this person is trying to communicate a warning or a message.”

As they pondered their next move, an email notification popped up on Lois’s computer. It was a news alert about a peculiar incident near Centennial Park involving unusual lights and sounds.

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman - Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: This story is completely fan fiction, we do not own any of the Superman characters or original stories, only the plot of this fanfic. Superman characters and original storyline belong to DC Comics.

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