Bendis Talks “Event Leviathan” in New Interview

Newsarama today posted an interview with DC writer Brian Michael Bendis, covering a wide swath of Superman-related information, specifically focussed on Event Leviathan.

Superman’s role is discussed, along with the motivations of the villain:

NEWSARAMA: …since we’re talking about Superman – the beginning of Event Leviathan #4 makes it clear that Superman absolutely cannot deal with the technology that Leviathan is using. I mean, Superman can usually see through this stuff… it’s a very unusual scene, how they handle him.

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS: This is one of our favorite things about it. The rules are changing. Leviathan has technologies and a mindset that is different from other antagonists. So although this will be an antagonistic relationship, his refusal to fight Superman – because if you’re fighting Superman, you’re the bad guy – his refusal to fight Superman is a very unique thing.

And what he’s proposing, which we’ll get into next issue, is … “hey Superman, go away, come back, and when we have fixed it, you can protect us.”

It’s like, “this is broken, and you know it’s broken. You’re telling me you know it’s broken. Go fly around for six months, come back, and whatever we have here, protect it with your life. And I bet it’s something worth protecting more than what you’re doing now.”

So that’s a pretty hardcore stance to take.

For the full article, and a lot more on the ongoing event, read the full story over at Newsarama.