Artist Kris Anka Unveils “My Adventures With Superman” Concept Sketches

Artist Kris Anka has shown off a gallery of concept sketches leading up to the final designs for “My Adventures With Superman,” including different ideas for Superman’s costume, Jor-El’s appearance and the design for Leslie Willis/Livewire.

“Just like Krypton, we are going to start at the end. I was brought on early onto “My Adventures With Superman” to tackle a wide range of designs, less so much concerned with show style, but more just concepts. This was my final pass at Superman’s new suit. Something classic but new.”

“Alright, now we go back to the beginning. These were my first passes, all things were on the table: cape length, boots, the color, the collar, etc. trying to see how homemade, or alien the showrunners wanted the suit.”

“My last passes at Superman before that final design. Expanding some visual options based on the show runners and execs favorites.”

Titled “Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say” the next episode of “My Adventures With Superman” is scheduled to air on Adult Swim in the USA on Friday, July 20 at 12.00am ET/PT, and will be available to stream on MAX a few hours later.