Adam Rayner on Tal-Rho’s Return for “Superman & Lois” Season 2

Tal-Rho caught up with actor Adam Rayner to talk to him about the return of his character Tal-Rho for the second season of “Superman & Lois”.

Set to appear in tonight’s new episode (S02E02) Rayner reveals where Tal-Rho’s mind is at as his half-brother Kal-El comes to visit him.

“He feels rejected. He feels betrayed,” says Rayner. “I think he’s perhaps, even if he can’t admit it [and] hasn’t fully recognized it in himself, coming to an understanding of what motivates his brother. He’s perhaps not driven solely by personal revenge and a vendetta against his brother. I think ultimately, his ultimate goal is to bring his brother around to his way of thinking. He wants a relationship with his brother. He needs his brother. He’s the only family he’s got. He’s not prepared to reject him finally and completely. He wants to find a way for them to be on the same side. Now, it has to be on his terms. But no, I don’t think he’s motivated by revenge. He wants to find a way for them to be a team, to be a family. But of course, he wants to set the agenda.”

With Doomsday set to shake things up for Superman this season, Kal will no doubt need help from many different sources… including Tal.

“I provide assistance to Kal. Better way to put it is we find ourselves forced together again. The exact nature of his involvement… I don’t know yet, to what extent he gets involved when the true climactic nature of the threat becomes clear. I don’t know that yet, but we do continue to get thrown together.”

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Titled “The Ties That Bind” the second episode of Season 2 of “Superman & Lois” is scheduled to air on The CW in the USA tonight, Tuesday, January 18 at 8.00pm ET/PT.