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April 1, 2015
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April 28, 2015
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May 1, 2015

SuperTrivia Quiz Welcome to the Superman Homepage SuperTrivia Quiz! This is a monthly competition, updated at the beginning of every month.

Below are three trivia questions. They're based on anything Superman-related, whether it be in the Comics, TV shows, Cartoons, Movies, etc...

I'll give credit to every person who answers all three questions correctly by displaying their name in the Neverending Battlers list! :)

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Under the Neverending Battlers list you'll find the Answers to last month's SuperTrivia questions.

Here are this month's "SuperTrivia" questions:

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Question 1: What is the name of the actress who is playing Supergirl in the upcoming CBS TV series?


Question 2: In the 1984 "Supergirl" film, what was the name of the character played by Peter O'Toole?


Question 3: In the "Supergirl" comic books written by Peter David, Supergirl was said to be what type of Angel?


If you think you know the answers, simply type them in the spaces provided above! Complete the rest of the form below, and when you've finished click on the Submit button once.

When the next set of "SuperTrivia" questions are put up (at the beginning of next month), look for your name in the Neverending Battlers list to see if you answered all the SuperTrivia questions right!

Your submission must be in before the 28th day of the month to be eligible, as I update the questions and credit list at this time for the next month.

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Neverending Battlers!

Here is the list of people who correctly answered all 3 of last month's questions: Mxyzptlk
  • Josh Dietz
  • David Huang
  • Christopher Smith
  • James Lamb
  • rande Gaines
  • Mackenzie Howell
  • Clarence Faucett
  • Tim Barnes
  • Billy Litzer
  • omar ramirez
  • Jeremiah Boor
  • Nick Young
  • Samir Tikaram
  • Jorge Antonio Villasana Solorio
  • Patty
  • Eytan Rand-Lakritz
  • Chris Brockow
  • David Casto
  • Aaron Robinson
  • Daniel Baghdoian
  • Mark S.
  • Tim Murphy
  • Ralph V. Turano
  • Andrew Weckwerth
  • Adam Clapper
  • James Trittin
  • Sergio
  • Jesus Garcia Rubio
  • David Bullock
  • David Parry
  • Mario Bennese
  • David wallace
  • Jeff Grange
  • Erol Cruz
  • Alejandro Montenegro Granados
  • john vargas
  • Michel Bigelow
  • Michael Lusto
  • Benjamin Pearlman
  • Brad-El
  • Vinnie Civitillo
  • Mitchell Max Miller
  • Matthew Glans
  • Francis Allan
  • Philip Schlickenmaier
  • Matt Brech
  • Jerry Hickin
  • EO
  • Gus Robledo
  • tibodyluv
  • Andrew Srivastava
  • Christopher Miron
  • Ryell W.
  • Jason Barger
  • Ed Cionti
  • Louis Fonseca jr
  • Chad B
  • Cordario Short
  • Scott In NH
  • Lynn S. M.
  • Clinton Robison
  • Lakrit Rok
  • Dennis Presson
  • Edgar Rosales
  • malft
  • Paul Costello
  • Cliff Watkins
  • Dwane Mathews
  • David Goodman

Those of you who didn't get all three questions right, or didn't happen to catch them, may want to check out what the answers to last month's SuperTrivia questions were!

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Last Month's Questions and Answers:

QUESTION 1: What is the name of the man that leads the villainous group known as The Elite?
ANSWER: Manchester Black

QUESTION 2: Who is Superman's counterpart in the Crime Syndicate?
ANSWER: Ultraman

QUESTION 3: What is the profession of the "Freak of the Week" in the "Smallville" TV episode "Hothead"?
ANSWER: Football Coach

NOTES: 69 people answered all three questions correctly, 6 people got at least one question wrong.