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November 8 - IMPORTANT NEWS - By December 1, 1996, I will have to have moved this webpage. Because of health problems, I must stop working on this webpage. However, Superman fan Steven Younis will be copying this web page's files to his web server where he will continue work on this Superman webpage.

Within two weeks these new addresses should be working:

unofficial Superman Homepage

unofficial Christopher Reeve webpage

If you've looked at this site before and you are wondering what's different, here is a listing of recent notable changes and additions made in the past few weeks. The list isn't every change, but the ones that seem worth mentioning:

October 23: WB Network apparently decided to change the time of showing Superman to 9:00 am EST Saturdays on October 19.

The Guestbook server apparently lost some more messages last week, showing it continues to be erratic and unreliable.

Email replies from me will be erratic because of health problems unfortunately.

October 5: Another Elseworlds project involving Superman is being done by Chris Claremont: Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy in four parts. Part 1 is scheduled to ship on October 9.

October 1:Updated the Superman stories index and Who's Who up to Adventures of Superman #540. Added link to Inverse Ink to Superman Outside the Comics. Updated information on the Superman cartoon series.

September 26: The experimental Guestbook's server has crashed losing all data. I'm sorry if you wrote a message there and have not had a reply from me. To make sure you get a reply send me email instead of using the Guestbook.
The Superman/Batman Adventures is on USA Network cable channel on Sundays at 6:30 AM EST.
I havent been able to do much this week, but last week got several files updated: The book list notably added the new C.J.Cherryh novel; the trading cards list mentions the Superman Action Packs now on sale as a tie-in with the new cartoon series; the comics story index and Who's Who were updated through Superman #116.

September 14: Updated the WB Network Superman animated series episode guide for today's episode, and credits for the series. This week the tie-in monthly comic Superman Adventures went on sale. A new web site to link to: The unofficial DC FANZINE for news and many links about DC Comics.

September 8: The season premiere for Lois & Clark is scheduled for September 22. The October 6th Lois & Clark will coincide with the October 9th comic book release mentioned below. The 90 minute premiere of the WB Superman cartoon will be available on home video Sept 10.

August 31: I updated the Superman Animated Series file. Remember the 90 minute premiere is on September 6th! Also on September 6th's ABC 20/20 Barbara Walters interviews Margot Kidder.
DC Comics has a special event one shot comic celebrating Superman's upcoming wedding on sale October 9th. Superman: The Wedding Album will be available in a Collectors Edition and newstand edition with 96 pages for US $4.95. In September, Prima Publishing publishes Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel by C.J. Cherryh.

August 21: As an experiment, I've added a Guest Book if you want to make a public comment about this web site or Superman.

August 18: I've changed the Superman in the Comics section. Notable is my adding a Superman Index covering the Superman comics since 1986's revamp. For accuracy, the details for the issues are almost completely based on reviewing the actual comics. But this being new, probably still has some typos. I have correspondingly updated the Superman Who's Who and Superman Profile after the lengthy review of comics making them more accurate up to events in Superman #115. I've also recently added new links to the Superman outside the Comics section (Charlie Taylor's Metropolis web site, and a new MIDI file site) and a Supergirl site to the list of links in the General Comics Information section. And the Super Friends episode guide now has most of every cartoon shown on USA and the Cartoon Network this year, by me and with the help of Shirley B.

August 5: Steven Younis has been steadily adding features to his Web of Wonders including more Superman sound files, a Daily Planet graphic, and pictures of George Reeves and Christopher Reeve as Superman.

July 28: I updated the Superman History file last week.
Recent Superman comics news: In Steel #34 Irons will move to Jersey City, New Jersey as Dr. John Irons. This winter a series of 48 page specials titles known as Plus issues will be published including a Superman Plus (featuring the Legion of Superheroes), Superboy Plus (featuring Captain Marvel, Jr.), and Supergirl Plus (featuring Mary Marvel). Marvel Comics and DC Comics will do a 4 issue mini-series sequel to DC vs. Marvel which will include Superman and Spiderman against Venom.

July 13: It's new! The Superman Book List listing Superman novels, reprints of comicbook stories, and reference books.

On July 7th at the San Diego comic convention, a mint copy of 1939's Superman #1 sold for $180,000.

June 30: New York Times reported a copy of Action Comics #1 sold yesterday at Sotheby's auction for $61,900 to Steve Geppi, a Maryland businessman.

June 27: Doug S. recommended Eric Benchimol's Hype! Comic Cafe site. It has weekly news on comics and a list of the week's releases. It reported upcoming Superman projects, including a George Perez Superman/Silver Surfer comic. At the ChicagoCon a Superman/Madman crossover for later this year was announced.

June 25: Updated Superman Who's Who with some additions. Added more about Curt Swan below.

June 21: News reports confirmed Shaquille O'Neal will star in a movie Steel based on the comics character. The Warner Bros. film will be written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, and should begin production in August.

June 19: It was reported on the rec.arts.comics.dc.universe newsgroup that famed Superman artist Curt Swan died on Sunday June 16th at age 76. Curt Swan began working at DC Comics in 1946, after serving in WWII. His first work was 'Boy Commandos'. His work on 'Superman 3-D' in the mid 50's impressed Superman editor Mort Weisinger enough to assign Swan to work on Superman. He drew the Superman titles for many years, especially from the 1960's and 1970's. Working with inker Murphy Anderson, their Superman art was dubbed by fans 'Swanderson', and defined how Superman looked for a generation. Although not involved very often with the Superman comics after 1985, Swan continued to do art for DC Comics. In 1973, Swan and Anderson produced a beautiful new summary of Superman's life, "The Origin of Superman". In 1983's Superman Annual #9, Swan did art for a story where he meets Superman. He recently did work for The Power of Shazam comic, and he did art for last month's Superman 4 part Brainiac adventure.


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